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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to own the paint is applied to the tiles ?

paint for tiles and features of its application

Can I paint the tiles, if you want to create your own space on the finished wall decor?Why not, just do not consider gouache as a way to get an image on the tile.Here we need special dyes that will be held on a smooth surface, if not tens of years, so 3-4 years at least.Suitable acrylic, alkyd or oil-based paint for ceramic tiles, and you need a soft brush, a small foam roller or "brush" of the same material (fit and ordinary kitchen sponge).

Apply image on a tile is most convenient through a stencil.In the first place, so you can make many types of tiles, and secondly, you will not have to figure flaws.Using a large stencil that can cover multiple tiles, you can create very real panel. If you are only latex paints, before embarking on the need to remove a smooth coating of tiles, this is best done by a grinder .On the smooth surface of the latex paint does not stay long and quickly erased.

How to paint the tiles in the bathroom - the beginning of the creative process

first step is to prepare the surface on which you are going to put decor.We clean it from any hint of contamination, so that there was not a speck of dust, so either wipe the tiles with alcohol or launder it in any kitchen of dish and then thoroughly dry them.Then take a spray adhesive and apply it to one side of the stencil sheet.Very gently apply the tiles or sheet on a few tiles, depending on the size of the stencil (remember, we talked about the panels?).Front work ready now pull out the paints and brushes.

Since the stencil adjacent to the dense tile, you can not fear that the paint gets under the edge of the slots, but the movements should be very frugal and accurate.Tools for use depending on the nature of the image. Brush leaves a longitudinal strokes, strokes individual hairs are visible.Foam, whether roller or a brush cut in the form of a piece of material, leaving traces of almost uniform with a hint of creaminess.Thus, you can always decide where to apply it.

How to paint ceramic tile - color decor

Let's say you want to paint colorful flowers on succulent stems, and you have the appropriate template.First draw is green, that is, stem and leaves.You can use the light green color of emerald green or turquoise or pistachio, not important, important to make sure that on the hand was not a lot of paint and brush to make uniform.The preferred use of acrylic, it dries quickly, it can be made even painted floor tiles.

When finished with herbal part of the plant, can make the edge of the leaves is darker, more saturated conducting paint color schemes along the edge of each of the desired cut-out stencil us.

If the drawing you are using a color different from the previous one by 1-2 shades, can not worry if you suddenly will touch lightly made earlier parts.We now move on to the next.Let's say you want to make a velvety surface, for this we use foam.You dip it in the paint, but only slightly, so did not have time to absorb a lot.Otherwise, when you click a porous material on the tiles giving too much paint, and there is a risk that it podtechet under the stencil edges.

Lightly touching the sponge, we get a uniform color.When approaching the areas covered by other tones, before the paint on ceramic tiles covering the complete normal tissue sections, acrylic has dried and greased.When you're done, carefully separate the stencil, most of the ink will remain on it, as on a tile will be a clear image.