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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to make Venetian plaster with your hands

Venetian plaster - why you want to have at this finish?

history of its origin has more than one hundred years.Even in ancient times it adorned the walls of the palaces of the Roman patricians.It has always been considered not just a finishing material, and a true work of art.

is difficult to convey in words all the sophistication and depth of its figure, therefore, to see with their own eyes, it looks like a real Venetian plaster, a video on the site gives you the opportunity to see its beauty and uniqueness.

Nowadays, with the development of the ancient building technology decoration material received a second life.The composition of the mixture began to add advanced polymers, making it more accessible.Yes, and methods of applying Venetian plaster became a little easier.Many stops only the high cost of the work.

Types of Venetian plaster - a modern variety

The structure of classical Venetian include a considerable number of components, but mostly, like hundreds of years ago, is still the marble chips.The walls are covered with a plaster, have a view of the stone monolith.

There are different types of Venetian plaster.This diversity is due to the quantity and quality of the components, which are used by manufacturers.Sometimes, instead of marble chips are added into the mixture of crushed granite, quartz and some other natural materials.

Applying stucco - work is quite troublesome, and even the experienced specialist for the day can not overpower the more than 7 m2.And so the development of this technology requires a lot of time and effort, but do not despair, because every once started to learn.

And if you are not afraid of such difficulties, and you want to learn how to apply the Venetian plaster with your hands, video lesson, which is offered on the site, will help you become familiar with all the details of the work.Before you start watching the video offers textual material on how to make the Venetian plaster.

How to make Venetian plaster - features application

With what begin work on drawing Venetian plaster?As with any other finish, the surface is prepared at first.It must be perfectly smooth, without any flaws.Before applying the plaster wall, be sure to cover the primer.

The technology itself is quite time consuming.The plaster is applied in several stages.After each layer wraps it takes time for its drying, followed by grinding.

first layer is continuous, in the future it will serve as a basis.All of the following - it is finishing.Applied to their narrow, flexible spatula in a small stroke.As a result, the surface of the wall is like a messy pattern spotted.The next layer cover the gaps between the strokes.

That's the simple way to apply several layers, followed by spotting becomes barely noticeable.The dried and carefully polished surface is covered with artificial or natural wax.Beeswax makes glossy wall and synthetic opposite - gives the surface a soft matte finish.

In all of this can be seen, having become acquainted with how to decorate the room is already finished Venetian plaster, video tutorials and photos probably already caught you in the field of view on this page.According to the experts, a coating based on synthetic wax perfectly protects the wall from moisture.Therefore, it is most advisable to put on the wall in the bathroom or swimming pool.

Now that you know how to make a Venetian plaster, a video on the site more visually show you the whole process and fine finishing work with this material.After all this you can start the first strokes.