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August 12, 2017 18:08

What glue is best to choose wallpaper for the different species and not miscalculate ?

How to choose the glue to wallpaper on paper?

Paper wallpaper are: simpeks (single-layer), duplex (double-layer) and coarse fiber, structural (hard).The basis of each of the adhesive starch and anti-fungal components are necessarily included for them. most popular is the paste and CMC. The first kind is easy to prepare at home.

Make it out of flour and starch.This flour can be used any - wheat, rye, oats, etc. The starch is also added either -. Potato or corn.Starch and flour pounded, triturated all lumps and sieved.To improve the adhesive properties of the added 10% carpenter's glue, which is previously necessary to boil.

All the ingredients are mixed in an enamel pot and add a certain amount of warm water to form a batter.In a separate pan and heated water boiling point in the batter is poured.All mixed.Then add joiner's glue, pre-heated.That is, in the hot paste is kneaded the hot carpenter's glue.

The solution was then filtered through a sieve or cheesecloth.It is necessary to clumps and lumps contained in the mixture does not fall on the wallpaper.The mixture becomes homogeneous and more easily be applied to the substrate and the material.In addition to home-made, you can buy and dry paste, the recipe of which is specified on the package.

also happen CMC mixture , which has the form of a white mass with a cream shade.This high-quality and inexpensive composition.It is dissolved in an enamel pot to a liquid state.In finished form it is desirable to use during the day.The dry form can be stored indefinitely in a room with a minimum humidity.

How to choose the glue to wallpaper on non-woven, and vinyl-based?

adhesive non-woven wallpaper includes starch, anti-fungal additives, methyl cellulose.Preparation is quite simple.The dry mixture is diluted with cold water and thoroughly mixed.Then the mixture was left for 15 minutes and stirred again.For vinyl wallpaper cooking method is the same.

Plus for heavy vinyl wallpaper and jute often produced a composition containing fungicidal additives, which help to prevent the formation of a coating of mold.A good example is the "Super Vinyl", "Express Economy".In some cases, when there is no opportunity to buy a special blend of buy-purpose adhesive.

Universal adhesive

This is the best glue for different kinds of wallpaper.It used in cases where scheduled taping combined, and when unable to pick up a special composition.The versatile mixture are frequently added preservatives or fungicides.They are necessary in order to prevent the formation of an environment conducive to the development of mold and mildew.

A good example of this structure is the "CMC-Profit", "Moment", "Bustilat" and some others.On packs are usually written by the necessary flow rate per m2, as well as the method of preparation.Depending on the type of wallpaper is applied as a mixture to the material and the surface.However, if you have the opportunity to buy a special composition, it is better to buy it.

Thus, in cases where the question arises - a better glue for wallpaper? The answer is simple: the one that is made specifically for them.Only in some cases, apply a universal structure.