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August 12, 2017 18:07

4 ways to check the performance of RCD

tripping device is designed to instantly turn off the electricity to the apartment or home in the event of leakage.We have already discussed with you the reasons for RCD trip.Now I would like to talk about no less important question - how to check on the operation of the RCD at home.Immediately it should be noted that the frequency of validation work should be not less than once a month.Next, we bring to your attention to a few simple ways to check, as well as video examples, which demonstrate the correct technique for determining the serviceability of the device.

  • method №1- button TEST
  • Method №2 - Batteries
  • method №3 - bulbs
  • Method №4 - The device

method№1- button TEST

easiest way to check on the operation of the RCD with your hands, you can with the help of the test ( "T") button mounted on the front panel, as shown in the photo below.In this case you will need only a finger to push the button which would result in an imitation of the leakage current and the protection should work.If

TEST button happened off after pressing the tester, it says the following:

  1. Perhaps you incorrectly make the connection as shown test results.In this case, we recommend to read the instructions for connecting the protective devices with their own hands.
  2. button does not work.Often it happens is that the RCD itself works, and the leakage current failure simulation.In this case, even if connected correctly during the test a false positive will happen.Protection check must be independently on one of the alternative methods, which we describe below.
  3. faulty Automation.Again, the verify operation RCD or not, it can be made only after a further, more complex verification.
Video instructions for checking the serviceability of their own hands
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Method №2 - Batteries

second and at least a simple test procedure to relieve the RCD - with an ordinary penlight batteries.Check the operation in this case will be able to even a kettle in the electrics.In addition, to determine properly whether the tripping device can be still in the store when you buy RCD.Using the battery

So independently verify operation of the product as follows:

  • to one of the poles of protective automation connect the wire length of at least 10 cm
  • Hold the penlight batteries to two wires:. First hooked you, and second, as a rule, is setbottom at the factory.

When you touch the wires to the pros and cons should happen tripping RCDs.If the lever does not work, turn the battery and check again.In the event that a residual current device properly, should knock the lever that will talk about automation functionality.For more details see how to check the operation of the protection device with batteries, you can on this video example:

Methods of test operation using batteries
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method №3 - bulbs

If there were no batteries in the hand oryou just curious are other ways to check, be sure to check the operation of the RCD with a test lamp.To begin, prepare the electrical wire, light bulb 10 W, cartridge resistors, screwdriver and electrical tape.You may also need a tool to remove the insulation from the wires.

Particular attention should be paid to the light bulb and resistors, asthey must have suitable characteristics.Most often, the RCD for houses and apartments is designed to operate at a leakage current of 30 mA.To obtain such a leak, you need to collect the lamp circuit, the total resistance of which is 7.7 kW.How do we take this matter?Everything is very simple.According to material from the school of physics, the resistance is calculated as the voltage divided by the current.Current our 30 mA, voltage - 220 V, total: 220 / 0.03 - 7700 ohms.You do not know where to get such resistance to test?There is also nothing complicated.As a rule, 10 W bulb has a resistance of 5350 ohms, and resistor can be purchased with the appropriate value in any store for ham (we need 2.35 ohms).Please note that the power of the resistor must correspond to power light bulbs, otherwise the test will not run.When all elements of the scheme will be prepared, you need to collect them in sequence and test the RCD lamp using the following procedure:
  • One end of the wire inserted into the outlet phase (it must determine in advance the display using a screwdriver), and the second touch to the ground terminal in the same outlet.If tripping device is working, it should knock.

draw your attention to the fact that the test procedure is suitable only if you have a grounding in the house or apartment.Check RCD using light bulbs, if not the ground as possible, but not through the outlet.In this case, on the opening panel, where installed equipment, insert one end of the wire to the input terminal of the ground (above, N), and the other end of the wire inserted into the phase output terminal (bottom, L).If the protection is working, activation should occur during the test operation without grounding.

Method №4 - The device

Well, the last of the techniques, allowing safe to check on the RCD tripping at home using a special tester - ammeter or multimeter.Photo multimeter

In this case, in addition to the device, you need the following circuit elements:

  • bulb 10 W;
  • rheostat;
  • resistor impedance 2 ohms;
  • wires.

rheostat need to change the amount of leakage current.If not at hand rheostat dimmer can be taken to regulate the lighting in the room, which has a similar principle of operation and is suitable for checking!

You need to collect a series circuit as follows: Multimeter-lighting rheostat resistor.Free probe of the multimeter should be connected to the input zero in the RCD, and the free wire of the rheostat to the exit phase.As a result, you can test the functionality of the RCD, smoothly turning the rheostat knob upward leakage current.The multimeter or ammeter allows to fix, at what value of leakage current is tripping circuit breakers.Visually see the methodology for testing the safety automation instrument and light bulb you can in this video example:

How to test a lamp and appliance?
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Here we have provided all of the most simple and secure way to verify the operation of the protection device against current leakage.Please note that determine the performance of the product in humans, ie, themselves, for example, touching a finger to the water heater, which has a little current, strictly forbidden to the SAE rules.In no case do not use the tips Mount electricians who recommended to check the forums on the RCD tripping, touching a hand to the body of a faulty appliance.If the equipment does not work, it can cost you a life!
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