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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose the electricity meter ?

very important indicator of saving money at home is to reduce payments on electricity costs.In today's world of consumer electronics has a high power, that certainly "pretty penny", when it comes to the monthly receipt for "light."Next, we consider how electricity meter is better to choose and buy to the monthly receipts have been less and less!

  • Variety devices
  • Which model to choose?
  • Useful tips on choosing

Variety devices

To begin with a quick look, what are the current, and then find out what is needed for houses, apartments and villas.

So, there are the following types of products today:

  1. induction (mechanical) and electronic .The first is a classic of the genre and are still used in old-style buildings.The advantage of induction electricity meters in durability, reliability and low price.At the same time, the main disadvantage is considered a low class of accuracy, with the result that you can either pay the extra money, or underpay.In turn, the multifunctional electronic products can be designed for multiple tariffs and also better that take up less space on the opening panel.As you know, the disadvantage is the higher cost and shorter service life, which discourages the interest of buyers.Select the type of meter should be judging by their financial capabilities.
    Types of photo electricity
  2. single-rate and multirate .There are already divorced whole discussion among owners of counters for two / three tariffs and conventional devices.We have already discussed the advantages of dual-rate counters, which provide both negative and positive feedback.Once again I repeat that the rationality of the machine of choice for several tariffs depending on the region of residence and on what appliances and heaters you use most often.If you have a night rhythm of life, it is better to choose and buy multirate meter for houses and apartments.The range of goods
  3. single-phase or three-phase .Everything is simple and depends on what type of wiring used in your home - the one-phase or three.The appearance of the unit 1 and 3 phase
  4. Accuracy .This feature shows the percentage error of the meter, taking into account electricity consumption.To date, according to the SAE must be used with the device class of accuracy not lower than 2.0.The more precise the calculation, the less likely to be deceived when you pay for "light."Accuracy class
  5. Power .Another no less important characteristic, the choice of which should be implemented on the basis of calculation of the average daily power consumption of electrical appliances.In simple words: what is the total current load occurs in your house (or apartment).In the market of electrical products, there are counters, calculated on the current from 5 to 100A.Rated current
  6. method of fastening.The housing can be mounted either on a DIN-rail or bolts.Mounting on DIN-rail
  7. Application Conditions .There are devices intended for use only in the heated rooms, and there are outdoor models.Here you have only yourself Advisor, a counter is better to choose and deliver.The street version

A short video overview of the choice of electric meter for houses and apartments:

Expert Tips
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Which model to choose?

So, we have provided kinds elektrosetchikov, now let's talk about what is best to choose and buy a house, apartment, garage and garden.

Firstly, lean on power characteristics products.In order to choose the right energy meter for power, or rather the current, it is necessary to calculate what appliances you will use.The modern household appliances in the passport indicated nominal values ​​(in kW).Summarize them and note the stock (suddenly you buy anything else), on the basis of which take a decision on the selection of certain characteristics.If the sum did not work more than 10 kW, buy model 60 A, which will be quite enough.If the average power consumption of more than 10 kW, it is better to choose an energy meter to 100 A. Typically, houses and apartments 60A lacks a head.The front panel features

Second , decide the type of device - mechanic or electrician, one tariff or two.Here, again, only you yourself Advisor sinceeveryone has their own preferences and financial possibilities.If at this stage there are difficulties, please contact our experts in the "Q & A" category.We recommend you choose to give only one tariff of electricity metering devices, assave electricity once a week (or even month) is not correct, given that the rest of the time you will pay more for day rate.alternatives

Third, choose the appropriate type of fastening . Here we recommend choosing a model, which is mounted on DIN-rail, becauseit is universal - when buying a transition trims and body can be fixed on the wall, too.

Well, the last thing it should be noted - manufacturer .Quality may possess and domestic firms, such as "Incotex" (a popular model of Mercury), "Energomera", "Leningrad Electromechanical Plant" and the Moscow factory of electrical appliances.Among the foreign firms popular Elster Group and General Electric.As for what kind of electricity meter is better to choose by brand, then we recommend that you actively browse the reviews of different models on the forums.Best quality assessment can only give those who have taken advantage of one or another model.

Useful tips on choosing

And finally I would like to tell you how to choose the electricity meter.Adhering to these guidelines, you will be able to accurately select and buy the most suitable model:

  1. For garage purchase the device more powerful, becausehere can be used very powerful equipment, and several species simultaneously: welding machine, air compressor,
  2. Check the date the product verification (specified in the attached data sheet), as well as the presence of the seals on the body.Date gospoverki must be not older than two years for single-phase devices, and not more than a year for the electricity meter 3 phase.
  3. not listen if you speak to overpay and buy a machine with an automated view of consumption.For you, this feature will not change anything for the better, becauseit only helps the utilities to keep track of evidence, while the extra money you have to pay.
  4. Russian manufacturers produce not less than quality products than foreign.Properly familiarize with the domestic models, read reviews on online forums and choose a cheaper, but still robust version of the meter.
  5. Also read on the Internet about how expensive repair the meter chosen becausesometimes service prices are astronomical in relation to a particular company.
  6. small but very important thing - before you buy ask about the level of noise electric meter, after installation you are not disappointed in unpleasant humming device.
  7. Electronic devices have a longer period of recalibration, rather than induction.
  8. Mechanical equipment can "wind off", in contrast to the modern - electronic.This, of course, prohibited by law, but nevertheless, our people do not stop.
  9. If you do decide to choose a mechanical electric meter, check it before buying.This is done as follows: hand scroll disk and if it is mechanically rotated, then the course of a normal mechanism and fit to work.Any violation of progress indicates that the tire is in working condition.

Here we have provided all the basic tips on choosing the electricity meter.We hope that you now know which option is best to choose and buy for your application!
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