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August 12, 2017 18:07

What are DIN-rail ?

immediately start a conversation with, that is DIN-rail and why it is so called.This device was developed by the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut fur Normung), so and received a brief acronym DIN.electricians can also call this rail din-rail, because it has a similar shape.Next, we consider the basic types and sizes DIN-rails used in electrical work.

Today din rails are distinguished by technical features such as size, shape, material of manufacture and design features.The first where to start - the types of profiles that can be:

  1. Ω-shaped.The most popular form used in switchboards for machines, electricity meters, etc.It looks like in the picture: TH- 35
  2. C-shaped.The ends are bent inward, so to such a DIN-rail can be installed hardware terminals or terminal blocks.The ends are bent
  3. G-shaped.It is used very rarely, by appointment corresponds to the rail in the form of S. Size G mounting example

With regard to size, in accordance with GOST R IEC 60715-2003 width and height of the article may be the following:

Dimensions Profile

draw your attention to the fact that Dean-reyka as omega, also known as TN-35 (common designation), can have three sizes, namely:

Different width and height

length is different, depending on the manufacturer.Most often produce strap length from 7.5 cm to 2 meters, which is enough for the flaps from 4 to 96 units.

should also be noted that the strips are perforated (holes) and cast.First Advantage is a simpler installation, becausesimply fasten the steel rail through the holes prepared.Step perforation is usually 10-15 mm, which is sufficient for easy mounting.Cast (punch) DIN-rail more reliable, becausedo not bend if they fix a lot of machines in the closet.By the way, modular machines are mounted on a din rail as follows:

By material manufacturing strips are divided into aluminum and galvanized (stainless steel).The electrical work often use the second option.

addition, there are certain types of DIN-rails, namely in-depth and enhanced.Each of them is used in a special case.

Well, the last thing I would like to tell - which strips manufacturers are considered the most optimal price and quality.Among electricians popular DIN-rail manufacturing ABB, IEK and ABAC.These firms pretty good products and at the same moderate cost.

can only view the video, which clearly shows how to mount the machine on the DIN-rail, as well as what is the difference between product manufacturers:

Installation breaker
YouTube Preview
comparing manufacturers
YouTube Preview

that's all that I wanted to tell you about the types and sizes DIN-rails.Now that you know what are the rails, how they differ from each other and of which actually used!

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