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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a metal detector improvised ?

Today there are many different ideas that can make a metal detector with their own hands at home.Some of them require certain skills in working with radio and electrical appliances, and to create some do not require any knowledge in this field.More readers' electrician himself "will be given a couple of interesting and at the same time simple circuits to create a homemade metal detector!

  • idea №1 - Wheels in motion!
  • idea №2 - Using radio

idea №1 - Wheels in motion!

Surely you have already seen or heard that a metal detector can be the easiest to do using the CD or DVD drive, as shown in the photo.The scheme is quite simple and requires no tools or professional skills.Scratchbuild and batteries of disk

All you need to prepare it:

  • wheels (better to use a double-sided, because I get to make the device more sensitive in this case);
  • headphones;
  • Calculator (can be the cheapest and easiest);
  • battery "Crone";
  • electrical tape;
  • glue.

Step by step instructions for the assembly of the detector of the disks and the calculator as follows:

  1. Cut away the headphone plug, and we clean the insulation on the two cables (bare the core of 5-10 mm).
  2. each stripped wire is divided into two equal parts (in the end should have four parts)
  3. to each of the drives attach one contact from different groups (if the media is one-sided, mounting need to implement to the writing side).We fix the wire with glue.
  4. Fix the wires on the support surface with electrical tape.
  5. remaining two wires connect to the plus and minus battery, then carefully isolate the exposed contacts with electrical tape.
  6. Take a calculator, turn on his tape and fastened to the disc (which CD).
  7. Over calculator laid DVD and connect the two carrier tape.On the surface
  8. DVD fasten the battery using electrical tape.
  9. Testing homemade metal detector made from scrap vehicles.

You can also make a small handle to make it easy to use device.Most often, this option is a self-made metal detectors used to search for objects in a small radius (for example, to find the profile of the installation wiring under the plasterboard).To search for coins and non-ferrous metals such home-made, of course, will not work, but it can be useful for home.

Video assembly instructions of the detector
drives YouTube Preview

idea №2 - Using radio

Setting up the radio

Another version of the simple, but no less functional metal detector can be assembled using the following handy tools:

  • box from the CD;
  • radio that operates in the "AM";
  • calculator;
  • double-sided tape.

detailed description of how fast, simple and easy to make a metal detector from the radio:

  1. On the inner walls of the box by means of a calculator and the receiver, using double-sided tape.
  2. Turn on both devices, and the radio tunes to the maximum frequency (in this case, to be sure there was no noise from the station).
  3. Close the box and slowly open until more or less pure sound.This position detector is configured to self-made list.

As you can see, you can make home-made for no longer than 5 minutes.This option is ideal for dummies in electrical engineering, asthen you can do not need to connect no drawings and no chips.

can additionally make a handle to facilitate the use.With the help of a homemade, you can check the wall before installing the outlet, and then suddenly shtroblenie when you get into the old wiring!

object lesson on the creation of a good detector of radio
YouTube Preview

Here, actually, and there are ways that the most reasonable to use to make a metal detector at home with their own hands.As for soldering a more complex model, the type of butterfly or terminator, here is your case.On the one hand, you can save not less than 5000 rubles (the cost of the budget model of the device), but on the other side many fans of homemade reviews say that these devices are rare, as we would like.
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