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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to select the bits for the screwdriver , their classification on the basic and special

bits - one of the most important details of the screwdriver.They constitute an elongated hexagon of metal, one end of which is fixed to the screwdriver chuck and the other is the working part and represents a similarity screwdriver.The working part has a different configuration depending on how to work with fasteners used this bit.Bits are made of stainless steel, often with the addition of other metals or titanium to improve strength, to improve adhesion with the head cover mounting a working part or other diamond coating compositions.

Types bit

Depending on the shape of the working part of the bits can be:

  1. basic,
  2. special,
  3. combined.


vast majority of bits on the shelves of hardware stores - basic.They in turn are subdivided into

  • cruciform,
  • straight,
  • hex,
  • stellate.

Main bits

most commonly used cross-shaped bits, which are the standard PH and PZ.PH - an abbreviation of Phillips.Bits PH - cross-shaped, multi-purpose and can be used for a variety of fasteners.Sizes from 0 to 4, and the most popular - №2.Due to the shape of the contact area with the fastener head bits increases, and the load is evenly distributed.In the application of PH-bit probability of disruption or damage to the head slots is greatly reduced.

Some reputable manufacturers, such as the Bosch, covered with bits of titanium nitrate for longer life.These bits are additionally labeled Tin inscription.

set of bits

reduction PZ derived from Pozidrive, it too bits Phillips working part.In addition to the main large ribs, they have 4 extra diagonal ribs smaller.Thanks to them, the clutch area with fasteners even larger than that of PH-bit.PZ-bits are generally used for twisting or jammed in the material corroded screws, as well as a large amount of work.Sizes from 0 to 4, most running 2 and 3.

for repair of household appliances, and cars can not do without T-Bit (from Torx hole), with which you can loosen and tighten the screws with stellate hole on the cap.

flat or slotted bits are suitable for use with fasteners in the soft material is not too high load.Marked SL, Slot from such bits.They are available with 0 to 7 size.

screwdriver bits are used for loosening and tightening the screws with hexagon on the cap, such as furniture.The most popular size for hexagonal bits - 4 mm.For

with bolts and nuts used bits from the working part in the form of a spanner.Use them only with sufficiently strong screwdrivers.The dimensions of these bits from 6 to 13 mm, but buying them, it is worth remembering that this is the size of the bit, not a bolt or nut.Thus, for screws with heads 4.8 mm in diameter is suitable bit size of 8 mm.

2650 - N15_z01

Special and combined bits

Special bits are used in certain narrow areas, such as the repair of household appliances, industrial equipment, to work with specialized fasteners.Should one trihedral allocate bits Similar to RN-bits, but with only three sides.Bits and double pin, with two projections in the form of horns.Of special bits in the home can be useful bits to work with plasterboard.The limiter prevents screw the screw too much and spoil the surface.

The specialized bits include spring clamps, allowing to tighten the screws or screws at an angle of 30 degrees, which is very convenient when working in tight, hard to reach places.

Combined bits have 2 workers of the different types or sizes at both ends, such as slotted and Phillips.Typically, they are longer than conventional bits.

For comfortable and quick operation it is important to choose the appropriate fasteners bat.Make it easier just by experience, so when you buy must have a bit pattern with a fixture.