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August 12, 2017 18:06

Forms of paving slabs

Decorative courtyard spaces and landscaping gardens are not possible without the use of pavers.Industry produces several varieties of it with a variety of shapes and colors.The cost of this material depends on various factors and varies over a wide range.Today, even has an array of special molds for the independent tide of paving slabs.To create a harmonious paths and paving areas in the garden area is necessary to understand what are the different types of paving slabs.

The tracks of the paving slabs in the garden.

Tracks of paving slabs in the garden.

Types of sidewalk tile: the advantages and disadvantages

Today hardly anyone can be surprised beautiful design of the main entrance to the house or a country garden plot with paving slabs completely unimaginable colors and shapes.But few people know that in this diversity is hidden only a few main types of the well known paving stone blocks, which are classified according to the method of production:

  1. vibrocasting.
  2. vibrocompressed.
  3. hyperpressed.
  4. Polymer.

All types have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.They have different values, and stacked in various ways.Independently of any variety paving tiles can be put, to study in detail its specific peculiarities.

tile manufactured by vibrocasting

This is the simplest and cheapest version of the production of this material.It relies on the ability of compacted concrete if it contains layers of vibration solution.The liquid solution is filled into plastic molds and place them on a special vibrating table, which provides vibrating erratic movements.Thereafter, the workpiece is directed to the thermal chamber, where they were drying is carried out at a very high temperature.After a certain time tile is fully ready for use.All the above process takes very little time and resources.

The process of manufacturing vibratory casting of paving slabs .

process of manufacturing vibratory casting of paving slabs.

For various color palette used all sorts of dyes that are mixed into a solution.Because of this, today we can choose tiles for the pavement of any color or hue.It does not pose any difficulty even run your Minifactory in the garage, which would produce a similar type of paving slabs for their own use or for sale.Automate it will not be possible, but do not produce a very large number of products is quite possible.

Among the main advantages of vibratory casting paving tiles can be distinguished:

  • presence of special glossy front surface.
  • Susceptibility to use a wide variety of dyes.
  • of its production costs are the minimum, so it is cheaper than other types.

This pavers produced by vibratory casting method has significant drawbacks that limit its scope:

  • very weak strength.
  • Poor resistance to low temperatures.
  • too small lifetime.

Among other things, it is absolutely impossible to make automated production of cheap material.Based on the specifications, vibrocasting tiles can be successfully used in the device garden paths and, preferably, in the southern regions, since significant changes in temperature can quickly lead her into disrepair.When choosing vibrocasting tiles in the store, the quality can be checked in a simple way.If it is made without disturbing the process, the impact of the two plates against each other, you will certainly hear a ringing sound.Its absence indicates insufficient quality or abuse of the process.

Pressed types of paving slabs

vibropressed tile manufacturing technology is very different from that considered above.Forms which have previously been filled with concrete solution through a specific mechanism connected to the piston committing vibrating motion.This creates an alternating pressure across the processing chamber.While these differences made a strong compaction of the mixture.Any heat treatment is not necessary.This tile is obtained much stronger vibration casting.

Vibro-pressed paving slabs .

vibrocompressed paving slabs.

hyper enables absolutely completely abandon the vibrating piston.The pressure in the installation is created by other means, and is much higher.It greatly compresses the concrete.It is noteworthy that the use of such a method allows to achieve a very high degree of automation of the entire product manufacturing process.

Pressed types of paving stones have a number of advantages, among which:

  • Low susceptibility to damage by mechanical action.
  • large proportion of industrial automation.
  • long and trouble-free operation.
  • weak sensitivity to very low temperatures and sudden changes.

not deprived vibropressed tiles and certain disadvantages which can not be avoided with this method of production:

  • Too few standard colors.
  • small number of forms.

Due to its fairly large specific strength and durability, any molded paving slabs may well be applied to the device main entrances to the houses, because it can not easily withstand the intense movement of passenger vehicles subject to stacking technology.Lay your hands vibrocompressed paving tiles, each capable of owning at basic skills and have the necessary tools.

When choosing the store vibrocompressed types of pavement tiles need to pay close attention to the degree of color saturation.High-quality products can not be too bright colors.If you met a very nice and bright tone, it is likely that it is a fake, and the paint will wash at the first decent rain.Therefore, we must make a choice very carefully.

Polymer Pavement

This modern innovative type of pavement coating.It differs from other less and not only its manufacturing method, but the basic content of the components used.As part of this tile absolutely no cement.Moreover, its basis is a simple sand.The binders perform the role of different polymers and plasticizers.Even for giving a variety of colors using different dyes.

sand before production sieved, and thoroughly mixed with the calcined polyethylene.Thereafter, the mixture was heated to 250 degrees and covered with the remaining components.The resulting mass is poured into special molds and pressed.Manufactured in such a way tile does not allow penetration of a moisture that completely eliminates the possibility of cracking under the influence of cryogenic processes.

Polymer tiles - the most durable option paving coverage .

Polymer tiles - the most durable option paving coverage.

This type of paving tile coating has many indisputable advantages:

  • Wear resistance, coupled with the strength she had an order of magnitude higher than that of other types of tiles.
  • do not wear even after several seasonal cycles.
  • Moisture Resistance absolute, through the use of polymers.
  • not afraid of even severe frosts.
  • Chemically completely inactive.
  • Simple and easy installation.
  • low weight product unit.
  • Large color palette and diversity of geometric forms.
  • Long life under any climatic conditions.

Thus, there is one small drawback - linear expansion in very hot weather.For this reason, tiling is done with gaps, the width of which should be at least 3 mm

quality polymer-paving slabs is determined by examination of its back surface.If you find it on the yellow spots, then we can say with certainty that the production technology has been broken.Instead of high-quality sand was poured ubiquitous clay.This circumstance is very significantly reduces the strength of the product at the break.

As laid paving slabs on site

If you decide to create a path, sidewalk or area of ​​any type of paving tiles, it is necessary to know the basic elements of the process.Method of laying pavers, there are many.It depends on your imagination wealth.Share can be any pattern.This may be a herringbone - laying each subsequent tile end to the brink of the previous one.Chess stacking order also never goes out of fashion.There is a fancy way of weaving and circles, snakes and geometric patterns.Very original may look like just a chaotic stacking different tone tiles.

The technology of laying paving slabs come in three main types:

  • on the underlying layer of wet sand.With this method, it is necessary before laying to build a sand cushion.To do this, take away the turf, the fertile layer of soil and covered with the resulting pit 10 cm layer of sand, which is then wetted and ram.On
  • layer of sand and cement mixture.It differs from the first method in that the sand is added in a small proportion of cement.This provides better adhesion of the tiles with a pillow.
  • Laying on the solution out of the sand and cement.This method is the most reliable, as is done in the actual bonding cement.The solution is prepared according to generally accepted recipe: 1 proportion of cement in the proportion of 3 sand.

If you have decided on the pattern and manner of tiles laying, you can it put the following simple algorithm:

  • upper fertile layer of soil shoot 15 cm
  • Forming slopes, both along the movement, and across the next track to create.drainage.
  • markup that site, which will be performed construction works, carried out by any pegs and string.
  • Setting up borders, if necessary.
  • Form a cushion of 10 cm. Thick
  • aligns its surface is level.
  • Puts paving and pressed into a rubber mallet.
  • carry out the finish grout joints.
Driving cake garden path of paving slabs .

scheme cake garden path of paving slabs.

created with his own hands the garden path of paving slabs will long to please their masters in an absolutely flawless service all kinds of weather, but only if the proper selection of the desired type of tile and strict adherence to stacking technology.