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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lighthouses for pouring the floor installation manual / installation

Ground flooring is never perfectly flat at once.After all, what was originally a floor, they do not overlap the plate with all of these cavities, swollen and irregularities.Consequently, this surface is completely unsuitable for stacked on it of any kind of floor covering.But how to make sure that the base with floor screed was correct and flawless surfaces?

Lighthouses for pouring the floor

Beacons for pouring the floor

Let's imagine that we are properly prepared for pouring the foundation.To do this, we have made the following steps:

  1. Purified detachment is there.
  2. repaired with cement mortar largest of the cracks.
  3. possible, cleaned all the dust.
  4. Did primer for pouring foundations.
  5. set the layer surface, is responsible for waterproofing.
  6. Finally, imposed layers for sound and thermal insulation.

After all this, what can we do?That's right, look for the most elevated point in the perimeter in order to secure the special beacons are designed to level the surface.

What is the zero level and how it is determined?

As you have guessed, should first determine the zero level.In general, this is the most important stage of our work, along with the choice of material and its volumes.We begin, as they say, from the beginning, that is, the basic level.

  1. First of all, there is the so-called initial point, which will be on the meter height from the ground surface.Then
  2. envisage the whole area of ​​the base layer using a laser or water level.
  3. Next we need to determine what happened distance between this line and the plane of the floor.More than confident that in this case you will find several points located below the level required us.For example, a minimum distance of one of the points will be equal to ninety-five centimeters, and our rule, we recall once again one meter.We also need to note how the lowest and the highest points.
  4. It turns out that the highest point in us - this is the minimum distance to the next sexual plane.
  5. Our next goal - is the level of "zero", which should be carried out approximately three centimeters above the most elevated point.
turns out, the thickness of the concrete ties, even in the most delicate of its areas is not less than three centimeters.

But wait: the highest point is located and in the middle of the room?Yes, and it should also be checked.So we have to stretch the cord across the width of the room and go so in length.If it turns out that the highest point around here, then zero is carried out in a new way.Of course, if the projection is not very big, at least compared to the total area of ​​the premises, it will be more expedient to simply eliminate it using the punch or conventional chisel.

Video - installation of beacons for floor screed

Installation instructions beacons for pouring the floor

Note that to get a perfectly flat floor screed when even the most experienced professionals need special beacons, which are exhibited at the zero level.Beacons these, in essence, is nothing more than a guide.With the rules we will move on them, simultaneously leveling the previously deposited concrete mix as long as she is not fully aligned.

Guides are specially created to align the floor, and come in two types:

  • - guides in the form of the letter "T";
  • - guides in the form of the letter "P".

    U - shaped metal profile

    U - shaped metal profile

in the work, you can easily take advantage of both the first and second.Let's step by step look at the installation beacons technology at the concrete pouring:

  1. Lighthouses will be placed in parallel, on a single plane.The distance between them is in any case will not exceed the length of the used rules.

    Screwing guides

    Screwing guides

  2. If you do not have ready beacons to fill, you can instead use plasterboard profiles.During installation it is desirable to put into each other so as to form a square cross-section, which contributes to increased stability of surface stresses.Therefore, to move a rule on such a profile will be much more convenient.Finally, the role of such profiles may make conventional wooden bars, which, together with the need to pre-wetting.If this is not done, the bars will be pulling water from the solution, which can not affect the alignment process.
  3. Previously, we determined how to find the highest point.Now therein by doing perforator hole, whose diameter should not exceed 1 centimeter.After that, the hole is inserted a wooden plug, which will be almost entirely screwed screw.It is done at the highest point, and the next screw is screwed already on the other end of the beacon, but not so deep.
  4. After that we take a rule, put it on the cap of the self-tapping screws, and on top - the water level or laser.A second screw that we have not fully clamped, to be adjusted so that the cap was at the same level as that of the first cap.
  5. When the height of the two screws is adjusted, between them stretched a strong thread, which will be based on their hats.By a thread we drilled an additional hole (their number depends on the length of the beacon), which will be located in fifty centimeters apart.In them the same way We thrust wooden Chopik, and similarly Chopik screws are screwed.The result should be that each of the cap screws are flush.

    Installation guides on the screws

    Install guide screws on

  6. Installation of the second lighthouse, which will be located parallel to the first.Here we also do self-tapping line.Check the level of the beacon as well, in addition, it is necessary to check compliance with the first and second.So we set beacons on all area of ​​a premise.Minimum number of them - two things that are required in order to ride the rule for leveling the surface.
  7. If you will serve as beacons of wood sticks, then the next thing you have to do is put them on the screws.Start with the farthest from the entrance angle, move slowly, gradually.Pour the bars should be so that afterwards they did not move.First, the so-mounted first pair of beacons, then filled the space between them.Beacons will also serve as rails for the rules by which the floor will be governed by the evenness.Excess solution will move to where the casting is not done.

    Wooden beacons for floor screed

    Wooden beacons for floor screed

  8. Once dry screed and it is already possible to move, beacons accurately extracted.Walk on the boards, it is desirable, but not the surface, so that the fill does not hurt.Then, in a similar way voids are sealed with a solution using a spatula.
  9. Final alignment must be done with the help of an iron spatula, and can be used for this grater.Regardless of the tool, its surface must be periodically moistened with water.For drying screeds require not less than seven days, after which you can already put, for example, a ceramic tile.
Important!You can go the other way, without using profiles when pouring.To do this we beacons from a solution of lime and cement (ratio of a mixture - of one to one).At the same time the screws are fastened to each other already wired as beacons and done.Grouted bar is pressed down, they equalized.When the mixture is completely dry, you can safely proceed to fill the final layer.Here, we will act in the same way as with the profiles.

How should lay screed

So the right proportion solution, we have already prepared, it is time to lay screed.We have already alluded to this process, but, in view of its importance, and consider it in detail.So screed is laid from the corner, remote from the door, and eventually sent to the entrance.When you use the alignment rule, directing it slow movements away from the wall to itself.It is important to rule at work does not come off from the surface of the rails.Excess solution is, again, move into areas not yet uploaded.

Beacons are installed

Beacons installed

then a certain amount of time (namely, seven days), we expect that tie more or less dry.So, if on it is already possible to go (on the boards, of course), the plates are removed and the void closed up with the same solution that was used to tie.It may happen that all the irregularities will, in that case it is also removed by a spatula.

Screed floor beacons

floor screed beacons

Finally, another important point.Once completed roughing screed, to the day that will begin further work, it is strongly recommended to sustain the so-called technological break.It is at least twenty eight days and is intended to finally concrete "ripe".

This rather big term screed should be covered with a piece of plastic film, and the first ten or eleven days, in addition, it should be periodically watered.In addition, if the final coating you will have laminate flooring, then after that you need to put another layer of screed, in order to level the surface completely.

Hopefully this article has given an exhaustive answer to your question about how to set beacons for floor screed.

Video - Installation guide beacons