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August 12, 2017 18:06

The pour warm water floor - we understand the methods and tools

learn than pour warm water floor, how to do it correctly, you can read the article.The main condition of success is the careful attention to the implementation of all phases of work.

The pour warm water floor

The pour warm water floor

In order to create a cozy and comfortable environment in the apartment, or any other room, not simply pokleit beautiful wallpaper and install high-quality furniture.Of great importance is the state of the floor covering.It should be flat, smooth and warm.Lately, especially popular warm water floor.They allow owners to regulate the temperature in the house, increasing it in the winter and completely cutting off heating hot summers.

Fig.2 Concrete screed is one of the most practical options for pouring warm water floor

Fig.2 Concrete screed is one of the most practical options for pouring warm water floor

The most popular uses radiant floor heating in households where there are small children.After malyshnya likes to play on the floor.It is therefore very important for the health of the younger generation to the floor was warm and comfortable.

If you do not have inclinations to the construction and repair work, of course, better to turn to professionals.But if you decide to do all the work on the floor warming yourself, you seem useful tips in this article.

The pour warm water floor?

As with any other form of repair, are important characteristics and the type of building materials.In order to make high-quality and long lasting warm water floor, can use two different materials:

  • mortar on cement basis (also referred to as "concrete / wet screed").
  • specialized dry mixture, that is, semi-dry screed.

Each of the above materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.In order to make a choice in favor of one of the variants of the subfloor should be good to understand the characteristics of the materials.

concrete screed

Concrete is popular among builders.It is used in many types of work.But it is worth to note that to fill the underfloor heating will need a special type of concrete, which will provide the desired results.This is the brand of cement above the M-300.It is also recommended not to use sand and gravel, since the latter has a more powerful and secure grip.

Fig.3 peskobeton M- 300

Fig.3 peskobeton M-300

Please also its attention to the plasticizer - a tool that definitely need to be added to the solution.It will not allow the future screed crumble and collapse.The plasticizer helps to reduce the screed thickness of 30 mm - a fairly high rate, which is crucial for high-quality repairs.

Semi-dry screed

This kind of create a warm water floor is more popular for well-founded reasons.From the classic method of this embodiment differs significantly less water used, which is always a big plus.Gender as a result characterized by high density, resistance, etc.

Fig.4 Semi-dry screed for warm water floor

Fig.4 Semi-dry screed for warm water floor

Compared with concrete screed, dry dry several times faster.This is an important quality in the limited time allotted for repairs.In the semi-dry screed it is recommended to add the polymeric modifiers that improve the quality of the coating.


preparatory work is important in any kind of repair, since they determine the final result.When semi-dry screed mixture, the whole training process can be divided into the following stages:

  • thorough cleaning of the base;
  • stacking layer vapor / waterproofing;
Fig.5 Laying of waterproofing

Fig.5 Waterproofing Gasket

  • surface preparation of the walls;
  • install rails - lighthouses.
Fig.6 Laying beacons for floor leveling

Fig.6 Laying beacons for floor leveling

Pay special attention to cleaning.Use a vacuum cleaner with a large capacity in order to completely eliminate dust and any other contaminants that may result in deterioration of the final result.Also important to consider is waterproofing.It is neatly laid a solid cloth on the floor.The entire perimeter of the room you need to insulate the walls of a special damper tape.But as a beacon, you can use the rack, exposing them to the base of the cement slurry.

solution Manufacturing

At this point, should think twice whether you will be able to mix a solution of the desired consistency and composition.If you are not confident in yourself, you get better prepared mixture, which is kneaded, following the instructions on the package.In order to verify the correctness of the solution, you can stick in his hand, squeeze your fingers into a fist.If the water to stand out, then you have made the solution too liquid.If such a reaction is no, then you have done everything correctly.

Once all previous steps are completed, you can safely proceed to fill itself.For this purpose all floor is divided into several zones, and is filled with the mixture.Make sure that the coating thickness does not exceed 40mm.And constantly align the rule-drenched surface movements from side to side and over - this method will lead to the best results.

Laying mixture necessarily entails a process of grouting.But to start this kind of work is twenty minutes after pouring.Please note that it is not necessary to postpone this process for a long time, because after six hours, such work would be meaningless.

To polish the surface quality, it is necessary to use a special trowel, which is sold in every decent hardware store.The use of this machine allows compacted and perfectly leveled surface.It is worth noting that this work only seems complicated.In fact, it is quite able to handle one person in a couple of hours.

draw attention to the fact that after the completion of all the works to run the heating system water sex can be about a month, depending on the materials used.To enter into full operational mode the system should some day.During this time, excess air will exit from the tubes.

familiarized with the main stages of work on pouring warm water floor, it can be concluded that the business is not easy - and requires time, effort and financial costs.But if all perform according to professional instructions, the result will exceed all expectations.

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