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August 12, 2017 18:07

Heating the oven for home and garden

Types of heating devices.General

heating options are many cottages and homes.It all depends on what price you are willing to pay for comfort.The most commonly used heating devices are considered:

  1. Domestic boilers, which are driven by hot water pipes.The boiler can be operated by gas, electricity, solid fuels and other energy sources.Despite the choice of fuel, the principle of operation is the same - water contained in a special container and is heated by pipes at odds on the house, heat the room.
  2. fireplaces.It is an open source of heat, designed for small spaces and basically they are used to create highlights in the interior.
  3. Heating or solid.They are burning solid fuel forms a gas, which passes through a complex system of chimney, wall space is heated.

Types of heating devices .Overview

Each model has its advantages, but this article will be devoted to solid fuel heating furnaces.

heat source - it is an important determining factor

in heating furnaces can burn very different fuel - gas, wood, coal, pellets (compressed sawdust impregnated), electricity, etc.Choosing the heat source, it is necessary to think about what the fuel available in your area.

If you have plenty of cheap fuel, which requires an expensive furnace, it is better to once spend, but then save on fuel.Most models are designed for wood and coal.It gives a good effect, and cheap enough fuel.

heat source - it is an important determining factor

Constructions heating stoves to give

All models are divided into two groups:

  1. Purely heating furnace.
  2. Heating oven with cooking possibility - heating and cooking.

Heating the oven to the country

For small lodges and bath suit low-power oven.The houses require more overall design of the heating system or of several heat sources.Classics of the genre - a fireplace or stove with a metal air circuit.

a bad alternative to the oven with a water circuit, which operate on the principle of the boiler.They can be easily mounted to any central heating system.In working condition through water circuit in heat is given to the central heating system.This can reduce power consumption to a minimum.

Heating the oven to the country

boiler-heating furnace

Thanks to these modifications do not have to put extra gas stove and buy cylinders.Choosing a combined oven, it should be taken into account:

  • functionality.If you want to basically has heating function, hob, respectively need a little.
  • love to cook and do it often, the cooktop must be additional features.It can be grilled, oven baking or drying cabinet.
  • Cooktop can be different.For example, a stove can burn wood, and the panel will be electric or induction.

Heating and cooking stoves

What material furnace prefer?Brick

Classic material - bricks.This material is highly heat capacity ensures even heat for a long time.Most furnaces hold heat overnight at good igniting only once a day.Brick furnace refractory should be no impurities, so that when heated in the air does not emit harmful substances.furnace The downside is that it should be built from scratch, it can not buy a whole.

However, this disadvantage can turn into a great advantage, since the furnace design can be according to your taste and suitable for your interior.Fold the perfect oven under forces experienced masters, but if you want to make the effort, you can practice first on a small stove to barbecue, which will be located in the courtyard.To speed up construction and reduce the cost of the furnace can be purchased ready-made.



For heating devices must be high-strength cast iron, so that does not crack from extremes of temperature and shock.Features:

  • high burner that can burn solid fuels with the greatest effect;
  • heat transfer occurs by convection with the aid of special additional elements;
  • can be placed without a foundation.This allows you to warm up only the space that is necessary;
  • air is heated within 15 minutes after kindling.
  • original appearance, which will decorate the interior in the style of Provence, or country.

Cast iron


they appeared relatively recently - in the 40s of the last century.Steel structures also have their undeniable advantages:

  • light weight up to 200 kg;
  • high thermal conductivity and rapid heating of the premises;
  • installation without foundation;
  • compact size without loss of power.Even the smallest issue furnace 5-7 kW, this is enough to heat the cottages;


Steel furnace may also have a hob.

Select oven, not just fit the bill.Approach to the selection slowly and carefully, considering all the pros and cons.Only then you will be the best option, and frosts in the country you will not be afraid.