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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drainage garden site with his own hands

Why and for what we needed drainage system

Why and for what we needed drainage system

Many of the problems gardeners can create and not very hot, but rather rainy summer.When people are faced with such a problem at the time of the maturation of the crop, it produces not very pleasant consequences.We also know that there are different amounts of harmful mammals that live it in wet soil, and give even more people the hassle.

It can be concluded that the garden plot drainage needs with their hands, and it is an integral part of the prosperity and the good life without flooding unnecessary pests and a good appearance of your earth possessions.

word "drain" can be deciphered as:

  • This is good stuff, that without any problems absorbs soil moisture and most often it is used for the growth of plants in an enclosed space unpaved.
  • perfect way to divert water from the site.

Do not forget that the soil is different, and the absorption of moisture in different ways can occur.If you have a porous soil, the water passes without the hassle, but the plants, which are located on it, do not always receive a sufficient amount of water required.

If your soil is clay, this soil is heavy, and she has no property to pass moisture as easily as porous soil.Unfortunately, it does not pass water to the very roots of the plants, the trees, which is not very good.But it can be managed easily and simply, is to make drainage area.

To determine the type of soil on your plot of land should spend a couple of not very heavy operations.First you need to make a hole about 60 cm, then fill it with water, and after a certain time, our moisture must evaporate.During the day the water should disappear if it just happened, our soil porous and if the water does not disappear for two days, the earth is dense.

Why and for what we needed drainage system

How arranged drainage system

Before you will start to carry out the drainage of a garden site with your own hands, it is necessary to make the scheme.At the initial stage, we need to think and decide with water inlet, after the first stage we should start to prepare the trench for water intake directly from the drainage system.

most important rules of the installation of the drainage method:

  • 6-9 centimeters of diameter of our drains and up to 10 centimeters - the diameter of the collector.Gauges can be similar only in the case when our object is 0.5 hectares.
  • The deepening of the pit is intended for collectors and pipes - 1-1.2 meters, and a width of 40 centimeters.
  • Open drains a depth of about 1 meter if there is a small slope or equal to 1.5 meters.
  • 2-3 millimeters - a drainage system with a bias to the collector, the diameter for each meter of pipe is 50-100 mm.If you have clay soil the distance stacking 7-10 meters from each other if the soil is sandy - 15-20 meters.Location
  • entire drainage system from the foundation - 1 meter and 0.5 meters from the fence.

How to properly arranged drainage system

If your site is located on a slope, and you do not want the water was collected and stagnate in the bottom section, you need a good think about how to perform correctly and efficiently site drainage.To do this, we need to do a drainage well with drain pump, through which all the water will be pumped into a pit or ditch (receivers to collect water).

Execution and order works

order of work is in the following stages:

  • depth of 2-3 meters drainage wells to strengthen the walls.Most often employ reinforced concrete ring diameter of up to 1 meter.
  • It is known that drainage pipes tend to silt and for the fact that they last longer before laying them to be sure to wrap the material, which filters out coarse particles.
  • You can use filters of rye straw, peat or waste weaving.With plastic pipe doubles its protection.
  • laying pipe in the trench, which is already covered with 5 cm gravel.
  • 30-40 centimeters occurs dusting of gravel or crushed stone, followed by 30 cm of sand (to be close).

Execution and the procedure works

With avtoregeneratsii permeability of filters, is carried out of the straw is not abating.One can easily tell that avtoregeneratsiya has the ability to regenerate the duty ratio when the inevitable expansion of the material that is filtered in the operational process.Especially these filters are used on clay and loamy soils.

capital runtime drains

very important to have in his mind a few conditions for the care of drainage:

  • not move heavy machines in places drains gaskets.
  • Conduct ground loosening for the reliability of the drainage system.
  • lavage drainage power shower in 2-3 years.

Capital operating time drains