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August 12, 2017 18:07

Dressing in the bedroom - how to make rational and beautiful?

Dressing in the bedroom - why and what?

question of storage and placing items of clothing, shoes and lingerie often is acute not only in a small residential area, but also in large country houses.However, in the second case, there is more opportunity to highlight the whole room for these purposes. Most often equip wardrobes in the bedroom, or close to it. This is due to several reasons.Firstly, the bedroom - a private space where we wake up, go to sleep and change clothes every time.

Of course, it is convenient to have on hand all the necessary and beloved garments.Second, the arrangement of a dressing room in the bedroom allows you to change your image and not to disturb other family members who are busy with their chores, for example, in the living room.Third, you do not have to run in pajamas asleep throughout the area of ​​the premises in search of a favorite shirt or a business suit, a belt or socks.All of this will not only be on hand, but also piled up in one place - within just a few square meters you can find everything you need.

Another undoubted advantage of placing it in the bedroom wardrobe is a real opportunity to limit this free space in the room.Even the smallest bedroom can be cozy and comfortable in contrast to the living room.In addition, the presence of a dressing room interior rid of such "heavy" products like wardrobe and chest of drawers, and the center will be a bed bedrooms.Ironing board, mirror, iron - all of which can also "move" in the dressing room.

Planning dressing room in the bedroom

For the most complete understanding of the question of what kind of plan is best for the dressing room, located in the bedroom or nearby, you must consider the most popular options for its care.This is especially important because it determines the layout of the design wardrobe largely.The first option - a dressing room is a separate small room adjacent to the bedroom.Typically such a solution for modern apartments in the new European-style or country houses.

The most common area of ​​a room more than 3-4 square meters.m and can accommodate all the necessary things without effort.At the same time you still have the opportunity to show off in front of a mirror, without the fear of destroying all around.For such optimal wardrobe U-shaped or parallel layout.Ideally, the entrance to this room is equipped and in the bedroom and in the hallway.Dressing room area in the bedroom should not be less than 2 square meters.m for convenience of moving it, the placement and choice of clothing.

second option - the arrangement directly wardrobe in the bedroom.In this case, you need to carefully evaluate the layout of bedrooms and, accordingly, the possibility of arrangement of dressing.

It can be placed in an existing niche, or fenced off area.Most often, this dressing has an angular layout, and in the presence of a long wall - linear, when all the racks are placed along this one.Corner wardrobe - one of the most common arrangement variants.This solution saves space of the room and make rational use of every centimeter of the new premises.It is not recommended to fence off a corner near the window dressing.

Design dressing room in the bedroom

So you've decided to house your wardrobe in the bedroom, it's time to do her design, both external and internal.When it comes to dressing room adjacent to the bedroom, then you are free to choose any design style that you like.However, if the dressing is placed directly in the bedroom, you will have to try and arrange it so that it has become a harmonious part of the interior. So if the main room decorated in pastel tones without a "weighting" of the furniture and accessories, it is worth dressing to disguise the same finishing materials.

Let your room will be a small secret room - apparently it will be only the fifth wall in the bedroom.The bed headboard is generally set to one of the walls of the corner wardrobe.If you are a lover of the experiments and are not afraid of bright colors in the bedroom - the realm of comfort and peace - then the dressing can be an attractive accent in the interior.It is enough to paint it in a color contrasting with the base trim.

today is extremely relevant combination of white and red, green and yellow, blue and orange.As for the interior design wardrobe, the little square at all its walls will be occupied by shelves and shelves.This will save you the trouble.But the floor is ideal for flooring or laminate.They create a cozy atmosphere in this small room, comfortable when walking on it barefoot and convenience of care - enough to light wet cleaning.

Pay special attention to the door of the new premises.If there is free space in the can act as an ordinary swing door of the protective structure.Otherwise it is recommended to look at the sliding design dveryam- or "accordion".

you can limit the ordinary screen or a mobile decorative wall.Just keep in mind that partitions, screens or door - it is visible and an integral piece of furniture, which should be in harmony with it.For example, if a bedroom is decorated in a classic style, choose a wardrobe for a solid door made of solid wood.For light and airy bedroom in gentle tones fit a door or partition of frosted or stained glass.Do not be afraid to experiment, and your bedroom will become even more beautiful and functional!