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August 12, 2017 18:07

Compact workbench for the garage - the pursuit of ergonomics

chooses his workbench for the garage

The garage is valuable per square centimeter, especially if it is a standard design, which leaves very little free space. And any maintenance operations for the machine to do some time with all the facilities at the well-equipped workplace, and you have multiple outputs.For example, you can build a folding metal workbench, which can be used for its intended purpose, and then lowered so that it is almost merged with the wall.

Among other things, you can be made collapsible portable workbench for the garage, it takes up little space when folded and can be stored somewhere on the shelf rack.And finally, the bench board, which can be installed on a special support, reclining against the wall, and on any pedestal, like a pair of goat.The last option is the easiest way, because there is no need to mount the legs and fasteners for sustainability.

What is the easiest to make a workbench?

Let's start with verstachnoj board, if you want you can always go ahead and do a full desktop.First of all we need a working surface, for her use thick plywood or 600 millimeters in width planed board (plywood boards weigh down the bottom, all the cuts will have to be held, and through them, too).

simplest fixing elements - it stops and wedges, focus on them, you can always fasten the vise to the table top .

to wedge firmly sat in the rectangular hole of one of its plane should be no slant, at a right angle to the base.

the left front of the wooden platform 60h200 centimeters, almost near the edge fasten focus oriented to the right.Closer to the center, a short distance from it along the front edge makes a number of rectangular openings (in increments of 3 centimeters) under the wedges that will capture the details that are installed in the fence.Scrollsaw deep right through slot for fixing it upright parts with the same wedge.

directly on the front face of the board anchoring screws on the left end side stop, which is a half of the trapezoid (installation at a party to the board).The front side of the plane, with some offset from the stop drill holes with a diameter of not less than a centimeter, each exactly opposite the rectangular hole in the plane, and harvests several pegs for fixing parts in the side fence.In general, everything is just a way to think about fixing the board on the box or stools, it can be latches or other locks.

portable garage workbench

above-described board can complement evolving framework that will transform the design into a convenient table, adapted for the growth of the master.For this purpose, fastened to the board from the bottom on the central axis 4 trapezoidal parts to tabletop narrow side, so that two of them were to the short edges of the board and the remaining two at 100 millimeters closer to the center of each of them.

In a broad base of each trapezoid obtained from rectangular parts with edges filed down under 15 degrees, cut a groove depth of 200 millimeters and 100 millimeters in length, here we will have slots for removable storage legs.

Now, actually, with the working position of the legs.Screwed insert forming a wall between pairs of trapezes, stepping back 5 centimeters from the edge (as you might have guessed, we are using for legs boards section 50x100 mm), from the cross to install them at 105 degrees.Similarly tortsuem themselves legs.The outer wall of the sinuses get out of the side boards, installed throughout the length of the bench, and fixed to the side faces of our trapezoids.

To fix the legs use nageli under which drill-holes in the inner trapezoid details and legs themselves so that they coincide.Nageli fastened with chains to the inner surfaces of the side boards.Incidentally, on the outer side of one of them can be attached to connect different pilot electromechanical tools.For the convenience of carrying a workbench in the folded state to the external trapezoidal parts can be mounted outside the conventional door handles, braces.