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August 12, 2017 18:07

Garage Door Installation - how to hang them once and for all ?

installation of garage doors - choose the model

most popular model - the sectional to make these gates, to manufacture the sandwich panels or galvanized sheets, which are coated with powder paint (in the height of such doors can be up to 5 m, and a thickness -40 millimeters).Several sections (panels) connected together, closing all the web is collected in a special unit above the opening.This design allows the gate to make them any size without loss of reliability, and the ability to hide when opened in a special box and does not occupy space in the garage owner attracts the attention of management.

To make a roll or roller gate, the main material for taking aluminum profile having a polyurethane core.Often the roller gates are installed, when the garage opening height restrictions.This version is also easily hidden in a special box at the opening without the surrounding area.The design of the horizontal slats resistant to the wind, you can create them at any height, but the width is too large can not be, the need for such an opening width satisfy the sectional doors.

The main difference lies in the types of sliding installation, it is often not carried out in the garage and on the street (entrance gates on a limited area).Made sliding doors or sandwich panels (with warming), or sheet steel (cold).The rigidity and thickness of the gate is not limited, as the construction is not suspended and is firmly on the ground.But the operation will require some free space in which to roll back your gate, it is perhaps the only inconvenience.

Garage Door Installation - Step by step instructions to

own spend installation of garage doors swing type does not necessarily have a scarce and expensive accessories.Suffice it to angle steel, galvanized sheet in 1-3mm thickness and profile which can be bought cheaply almost anywhere.The work is divided into several stages, the basic tools that you need - is Bulgarian, welding machine, tape measure, square and level building.Before the start of the scheme will need the garage door.

must know that the mounting frame consists of inner and outer frames, it is their installation should be done in the first place.To create a frame to swing open shutters, require a profile.Garage doors are mounted on hinges power, their lower parts are welded to the frame, the top in turn - the outer flaps.Next, a test is carried out mounting block for future facilities.You can use anchors and beams for brick or concrete walls, it all depends on the material.

to landing had high strength, give preference to steel plates for openings (for each meter should fall 2-3 plates).The unit is mounted on a level, to put it exactly, that will not provoke the emergence of any problems in the future.The next step involves the installation of gates installed in the unit, they are enough to put on the hinge pins.If desired, you can set the lock on the garage door, which will protect the room.When the work is completed, the flap will open and close easily.

If there was a skew need to bore groove.Proceed to the installation of internal fastening flaps overlying special hooks.They will not let fall the gate if there cutting the loops.

Drive garage doors and other design improvements

If you have decided to put their own garage door, their construction will require much attention.If you want them to serve you for a long time, then try to trim the loop correctly, keep in mind that after some time, you may need insulation flaps with which the weight of the gate will become longer.Insulate the area of ​​the castle, install barriers against external atmospheric phenomena.It does not interfere with installation of the visor on the object, using the moisture it will not fall on the butt.

Next is the drive garage door, after the loop will be welded, the frame is split by means of grinder into two parts.

Each blank should be slightly wider than the plan, because it can block the exposed end of the gap.Thus, you get a dense porch;using plug welding, weld the plates to the plating stiffeners.Collected Gate Hang onto the frame and check how they will unfold.Installation of the upper and lower locks spend on presses fold (if there is a gate, then mount them better on the leaf that provides the porch).