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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wall insulation foam inside - simply and affordably

Wall insulation foam at home - two sides of the coin

As with everything related to the construction site, in the insulation of the walls have their pluses and minuses.What are the advantages and disadvantages of foam insulation?By benefits should include the excellent thermal insulation and good sound insulation.Also, it is easy to shape, without resorting to special tool.Under the foam does not develop fungus and other parasitic organisms, which allows to maintain health.Also in the production of foam began to add a special ingredient that eliminates the possibility of self-ignition even at very high temperatures.

drawbacks not too much.The first and most important - reducing the area of ​​the whole premises with insulation inside the walls.Second - this is the high toxicity when burning: the foam itself does not ignite, but when exposed to an open flame lights up very easily.Pluses substantially greater, so this type of material is the most popular insulation.

Wall insulation foam from the inside requires prior hassle

For quality results you need to do some preparatory work and to get a little tool, for the right wall insulation foam inside will set you free from outside noise and to protect from the cold.We need to free the wall from furniture, paintings and all that obscures the approach to them first thing.

Walls is clear to the bricks, but that if furnish poorly kept.In case where the plaster does not drop, it is necessary only to remove the wallpaper.You also need to remove all the stones and other decorative elements.Here, perhaps, and all the prep work.

Now we select the tool.You will need a small ruler, measuring tape, building and ordinary knives, hand saw with fine teeth, drill, drill nozzle type "mixer" and trowel.

internal wall insulation foam - now in a fight!

So, proceed to the most warming.For this breed glue, exactly as instructed, we put it on a small section of the wall (it should be a little more than foam plate).Take in hands a plate and set it on the glue.With the power presses her against the wall and evenly rattles, so podrovnyat.Teper to help restore the level of the plate perfectly straight .So we close up the whole wall.

Special fasteners should not be used, insulation from the inside is exposed to fewer loads.Accordingly, their use is impractical.

Those places where the foam plates do not fit, you need to with a knife and a ruler to cut out the needed part and also to attach them.If you have any gaps, they can fill in using the foam.Do not gloss over them with glue, its heat transfer is poor.

Now it's time putty .The first layer - rough.It can be applied both with glue and with a special putty.There is practically no difference, which is enough, and the shpaklyuyte.After drying, the rough layer is to throw the net and putty again.The grid is necessary to throw the top to the bottom, actually like putty.For the convenience of first grid can be mounted on the small cloves or buttons.

The last layer should be sanded .You need to buy sander, sanding or using a drill and a grinding stone.The design turned out pretty strong, now the winter is warm and quiet, and in the summer is also cool.Now you can stick your favorite wallpaper, hang paintings and other decorations.This warming of the house inside is finished.