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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to resist the recovery of debt for utilities?

Methods for collecting debts for utilities

Management companies for the provision of electricity and other services may be struggling with defaulters, more or less severe methods.It all depends on how maliciously tenants ignore their obligations to service providers.How to resist the recovery of debt for utilities?

Pre-trial procedure

time when questions about the redemption of debt can still be resolved.If you have laws and treaties - dark wood, you can turn to the civilian defense counsel, who will examine the probative value of the creditor base, analyzing the concluded contracts and other documents evidencing the emergence of debt.It also collects information about the debtor, his property status, which may also affect the outcome of the case, or to redirect the real claims to the debtor (in case of error).How to resist the recovery of debt for utilities?

Judicial Procedure

If the case came to court, the defaulter or someone who erroneously have been ranked debt for utilities can also defend their rights.To do this, you must correctly identify the documents that are needed in the consideration of the case in court, to review and analyze the legislation that can resolve contentious relationship.

If the management company legally competently prepared statements of claim in court to recover the debt for utility services and apply for debt enforcement, need to be well prepared with his attorney to have your objections had weight.It is necessary to gather feedback and to prepare in advance the answer to the objections of lawyers representing the interests of the management company.

resist formal organization, mistakenly or wrongfully accused of malicious outstanding debt for a variety of minor communal services of the owner or previous tenants, have the right to every citizen of the Russian Federation.How to resist the recovery of debt for utilities?

Execution court decision

If the court decision was made not in your favor, the further evasion of debt may be incurred for a more serious consequences.Hurdle bailiff is considered a violation of the law and also punishable by a fine.

Any decision of the court can be assisted by a lawyer in the statutory period, and then the recovery of the debt for utility services will be postponed for a while.


struggle with managing companies and proof of improper debt collection - a thankless process, long and almost hopeless.To avoid such problems, you need to carefully monitor the state of accounts that are registered for your housing and, in the event of discrepancies did not wait until the bailiffs will come and get to know their own environment changes and correct errors.