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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to connect the backlight switch

How does the switch with illumination

Virtually all switches run the same pattern and are similar in structure.One has only to press the button and the light will light in the desired room (this is due to contact closure).And if the contact is opened, it will lead to the shutdown of the room lighting.

only, what is the main difference of simple push buttons, so is the number of keys, their method of lighting and appearance.

If you remove the device from the box, you can see a small neon lamp, electric switches through it glows in the dark.

Neon light

If the switch does not have one, but several keys, the number of light bulbs will be leveled to the number keys.

Illumination in the switch on a few keys

The light switch consists of:

  • resistor (current limiter);
  • neon lamp type.

Operates light due to the spiral.Through it is energized in a neon lamp, so that it lights up and performs a backlight function.

To lights lit up, enough of the smallest voltage.The resistor is mounted in the switch is a current limiter.He does not let excessive current.For the ignition of the lamp voltage is not enough, therefore, through a chain of lighting the room lighting the lamp does not ignite.

How to connect the backlight switch

Illuminated power switch

Before performing any work related to electricity, you should make sure that the power is off - this will ensure further safe operation.

Connect electric switches can be illuminated from either the electrical panel, or from the junction box.

order to electric switches when connecting the LED to function properly, we need only to connect all the wiring is correct.Here are the main way to do this quickly and successfully:

  1. The device should be three wires, they must be diluted in different directions to avoid closure.
  2. Now you need to determine which of the three phase wires available, and what - zero.Typically, wiring should be marked, but purchase is not always pay attention to it.Therefore, if you purchased the switch without marking, wiring can be checked with a screwdriver indicator.If you touch the wiring indicator lights up, it means that the phase cable, and if it is off - zero.

The wires in the switch

  1. Now, connect all the wires according to the diagram of the device package, observing the turn.

Note!In most cases, when you use the backlight neutral wire is junk, so to connect it does not make sense.

In the second case, the connection is carried out using the neutral conductor (if it is provided connection diagram that came with the device).Just as in the first case, all the wiring necessary to check the available indicators to determine which of these phase and a zero.

phase conductor must be connected to the phase and zero connected to the indicator light.

After wires are connected, you need to check how well electric switches installed and include voltage distribution board.The backlight should turn when the main room lighting is switched off, and it goes off when you turn on the light.If everything is functioning properly, then the job is done correctly.

Full instructions on the work presented in a video tutorial.

How to make your own lighting in the switch

Thanks lighting in the switch, we can see it in the dark.Make it very simple.

We need:

  • neon lamp;
  • resistor;
  • screwdriver;
  • wiring to connect;
  • electrical tape.

backlight is divided into two main types: it can be either external or built.It can also serve as a night light.

Note!Keep in mind that lighting is not recommended in those areas where energy saving light bulbs installed.If it do there, the lamp will flash.This is because through the circuit, which charges the voltage neon lamp, can do a small voltage.

Switch to external illumination
Illuminated power switch as a nightlight

To install the external illumination is recommended to choose a neon or small incandescent bulb not more than 6 watts.

How to make glowing switch with his own hands?

  1. The first thing you need to collect a chain of alternately connecting the neon lamp and current limiter.After that, the place where they are connected, must be well insulated.
  2. can now be removed from the switch box and connect to the terminals.The lamp filament is also connected to the circuit, but in this case the current limiter is not necessary.LED is used for built-in lighting.As in the first case, the LED must be connected to the current limiter and the place of their connection quality insulated.
  3. Remove now the box with a switch and is doing it in small holes, through which will be light.The hole in the box should be done where there will be placed an LED or current limiter.
  4. You should now install the switch cover on its original location.Here and ready switch, which do not need long to find in the dark.

Illuminated power switch
Illuminated power switch