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August 12, 2017 18:08

The diameters of PE pipes : performance

Basic terms and definitions

  1. polyethylene HDPE pipe - tubular products obtained from the slurry polyethylene of low pressure, without chemical additives, or in a composite form (stabilizers, colorants and so forth.).At this point the tube PE80-100 are the best composite material for pipe systems for various purposes by the water to drain.
  2. pipe diameter - characteristic twofold, relating both to the outer size of the pipe rolled, and its operative section.If the reason is simple: the outside of the tube can be very large, but the thick walls make it an inner diameter hydraulic mine, but the mechanical properties of the pipeline will be extremely high.
  3. SDR - a figure that you will probably meet in the passport of the product or on the advertising page of the manufacturer of HDPE pipes.Almost the same thing, as we said above: the ratio of the outer diameter plastic pipe to its nominal wall thickness.

Basic terms and definitions

you are ready to deal in such detail when laying their holiday pipeline?We only welcome such a rigorous approach to such a complex and very interesting case.

to plastic pipes of any diameter

requirements should be noted that GOST 18599-2001 establishes not only common test specifications for each PE group, but also the specific features of pipes for various purposes.For our everyday country life quite amiss and such parameters:

  • PE or HDPE pipe must be smooth inside;Do not laugh, but the inner surface roughness arising flow resistance and stagnant zones significantly affect the operation of the system;
  • longitudinal coloring polyethylene pipes are usually represents their specific purpose: for example, the blue bar - water pipes PDN PZ80 series of perfectly mimicking for country houses water supply systems;
  • immediately eyeing the table 3 PE80 polyethylene pipes with diameter 20 - 110 mm SDR 11 -19.These are the products of polyethylene pipe, which will provide full water cycle loop on your summer cottage.Why, we will explain below, is simply estimate the size range of these pipe pieces, very simply mounted device for welding of polyethylene pipes.

Requirements for polyethylene pipes of any diameter

Advantages and Disadvantages of HDPE pipe diameter suburban

Outset that industrial pipes with a diameter of 1200 mm with SDR 26, we are not interested.We are quietly building a communication of his country house, and at the same time trying to figure out what lines: metal, polypropylene or other plastic provide a quiet, trouble-free stay in our home at least 25-30 years.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HDPE pipe diameter holiday

be honest, we do not have a clear answer.Here is a simple comparison of the best performance of metal and HDPE pipes:

  • metal: mechanical strength, dimensional stability, low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, a habit:
  • polyethylene: flexibility, low weight, easy transportation and installation, high corrosion resistance and environmentalcleanliness in all systems with temperatures up to 90 degrees.

We tried to perform a statistical analysis of the sample on the reviews on steel and HDPE piping systems in the forums of country houses.Without claiming to be representative of the results, let us make the following conclusion: 86% of respondents voted for polyethylene in any inlet and outlet networks of his country house.Motivation is a funny, but it is clear: better to let them sag summer at 40, than to burst at the junction of the winter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HDPE pipe diameter holiday