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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drain excess water from the showers on site

Drainage showers to avoid puddles

Most suburban areas landowners are trying to organize the drainage system, especially in cases where there is danger of reheating basement underground aquifers.But we should not lose sight of the precipitation, especially abundant caves in the ground in autumn and spring.

Autumn rains can irrigate the land for several days in a row, turning the fertile layer in a swamp.Spring thaw followed by rain, accompanied by rains threaten serious trouble plant roots, the foundation and may well disrupt the stable operation of the sewer system.

That is why, along with the deep drainage is useful to lay a drainage rain, which quickly and effectively directs the excess moisture from the surface of a nearby reservoir.This is highly undesirable combine two completely different systems, groundwater and storm water, as the latter would overload the first , and as a result the water through the branch pipes gush back to the surface.

best to storm sewers laid in the same trenches in which the consumer will be laid drainage.To collect excessive moisture on the site are placed point and line headers in areas with particularly heavy rainfall for doors installed trays.All this stuff is connected into one system with special corrugated PVC pipes - drains.

From flooded basement will save proper drainage of groundwater

In addition to downpours and melting snow supersaturated soil surface, causing it to swamping, they also affect the groundwater level, especially when the torrents rushing rivers and thoseoverflow their banks.Even if your home is far from the bed, be sure to ground water rise with the level of the river, and if you have no drainage at the site of groundwater can be the standard for such situations set of problems.

What is the deep drainage system?Primarily, this special tubes that not only should not be sealed, but on the contrary, have a surface with minute holes through which the moisture flows into the pipes from the surrounding ground. to access moisture from the soil to the drains had better lay the pipe in a layer of gravel, which serves as both a cushion that protects against possible damage .

drainage slope for the drainage of groundwater should be standard - not too big, it was not necessary at the end of digging the Grand Canyon, but not close to the absolute horizontal because then the water outflow will be more difficult.The best option - it is recommended for any flow of 5-10 millimeters per meter.

At the end of the entire drain system installed collector from which the drain is discharged or off-site, to the nearest ravine or into a central sewage system.If necessary, in the pit, you can set the pump to more rapid evacuation of accumulated water in it.Such measures are necessary in the case when large area portion, and the well is filled faster than it should.

How best to design the drainage of water?

So, somewhere among the flower beds and a vegetable garden beds of passes deep drainage as to lay such pipes - that is another story, just to say that first of all they need to cover the perimeter of the house, being burrowed deeper foundation.The same applies to commercial buildings with cellars, the garden also spend drains as you prefer.But surface water drainage requires proper planning.

have already mentioned the point and linear drains, now is the time to explain their purpose and location.Point headers are usually located where the individual streams of life-giving water drains from roofs and other surfaces, gathered in a single stream, through the trough or pipe.

Linear same gutters are installed like conventional shallow ditches along the tracks made with a bias in the direction of the collection of excess moisture.The only thing that distinguishes those elements of conventional stormwater ditches, this special concrete, metal or plastic gutter, covered with bars.

All drainage elements are connected to the pipes with a diameter of 110 mm special couplings, sleeves.

Digging a trench around the house, and in the places where the walls are located downspouts, directly under the outlets do their small expansion, so that in the pit box fit point drain.The rectangular container is usually placed trash box, whose task - do not miss in the drain system debris.Top box covered grille.

For special outlet fitting attached drainage, drainage for the purpose and intended use.In certain places in the pipe-tees installed coupling for joining pipes of sewage linear elements arranged, as already mentioned, near the tracks and site areas.Another pipe joins the vestibular pallet also having typically outlet.The entire system by the shortest route with the necessary slope is sent to the collector, which is carried out of the deep drain and drainage.