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August 12, 2017 18:07

Self- care drains must be literate

When and how to begin caring for drains?

case where the mother asks a child psychologist when to raise and educate a child, he usually responds to her "Yesterday."The same can be said of the drainage system in your area, if you suddenly pop up the idea that we should have some kind of care to give it.

If you have not started on the first day, it is certainly not a disaster, but the timing has never harmed.So when care begins drains - no comment.But for that pitch, there should be set for ourselves certain rules.

Firstly, the setting at the site drainage wells, use them to their destination at least once a week, exploring for deposits.Each of the withdrawal to the surface to be the cover that protects the drainage from getting into the garbage.Secondly, in any case no curiosity about the state of the pipes during a storm wind, the well can cause a lot of foreign particles, and not the smallest.

Every autumn, always remove the pump from the reservoir, although if well absorbed into the soil, this rule can be ignored

.And if the pump is still removed, do not forget to put it back in place before the spring thaw comes.

drainage Cleaning of possible sediment

Not having X-ray vision, you're unlikely to be able to know what is happening in the drainage system, hidden under a thick layer of soil and gravel.Therefore, even if the manhole survey will give a satisfactory result, every few years requires a thorough cleaning of drainage, or rather, his washing.For this action, we need some consecutive outputs of which may be the very first release of several pipe fitting.Flush the system, we will section by section.

For good wash we need a powerful pump, preferably no manual, and thick hose type hose which we connect to the drain.Starting from the first outlet, directing a powerful stream into it.

The idea is that if some is applied and formed, it should be washed off, but we are human beings and therefore distrustful after the system will be pumped a few tens of liters of water, go to the well and attach the hose to the end of the treated section.Now, the jet hit back, and intended to apply, pardon the tautology, apply a crushing blow.We fix the result of the third washing from the beginning.Similarly we proceed with the rest of the sections located between the following wells.

The last washing step each section of the water jet must be directed toward the manifold so as to diffuse deposits washed away toward the drive.

Repair of drainage - a task responsible

Every landowner is perfectly focused on his land, and even in a year will be able to within half a meter to indicate where in the underground drainage pipes are laid.However, it must be assumed in advance (call it foresight), the probability of repair of the drainage system, which can be damaged due to the undermining and subsidence or due to excavation, inadvertently started nearby.

And as preventive measures of deep drainage should not be put plants, the maximum that is allowed - laying sod or turf , that, in fact, almost the same thing.

If you know the problem areas, the repair will not be difficult, especially if you use PVC pipe, connecting with special couplings.Just excavated drainage geotextile is set, if it has been used to rake the gravel is extracted the damaged pipe or damaged Squeegee, after which there is a replacement, and all buried, as it was.

However, if you find out where the system has deteriorated, failed, would have to dig up all the drain, so perennials on it and are undesirable, because they would have to kill for the sake of necessity.