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August 12, 2017 18:08

How do you roll bending tool with their own hands

Rolling profile pipes in industrial conditions

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Bending metal pipes at a right angle or at a predetermined contour, preferably without loss of strength properties and internal sections of the workers have to quite often.In piping systems - a great opportunity to do without extra fittings, in constructional facilities of profile pipes - a certain freedom of design and design ideas.

We specially introduced this section to slightly cool the natural ardor of our fellow citizens do everything with their hands: a makeshift mechanical or hydraulic tube bender, drums for it from random metal tubes and damaged metal rentals - fun, of course, worthy of a real man, but it is easiersearch complete profile articles that you just brought up to standard.

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For people far from such a purely mundane topics, explain:

bender - a mechanical device that is capable of bending a pipe of any size and configuration.Variants of industrial performance for the type of drive only three:

  • manual: the simplest on the principle of action and complex in operation;the final deflection tube pattern can be changed, but the physical effort to perform the work are equally shaped large;
  • hydraulic: variant semi Pipes with rolls of stainless steel, allowing roll tube profile rolled up to 80 mm without loss of strength properties of the pipe, and stretch marks podminany working section;
  • Electromechanical: industrial machine production, which produced most of the finished designs of tubular steel.

Rolls bending tool - a two circular in cross-section of the shaft of the high-strength material, between which "rolled" the processed material (in this case, ordinary steel pipe stlnaya) receiving a predetermined shape.

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Do bender with their own hands or buy ready

funny question, as it concerns two very different areas: financial and psychological.Many of our compatriots is easier to buy ready-bender, do not suffer from the calculation of the rollers and the load, and just take the instructions and quickly bend all pipes, which are available on a suburban area.

The most important issue is always getting up when you buy expensive equipment - the price.To help inform: mp quality hydraulic tube bender is in the range of 22-35 thousand rubles.Maybe your whole being built from bent profile pipe structure (shed, garage, summer kitchen) estimated cheaper.Manual trubognuschee device with six profiles bending and the jack rod will cost 9500-12000 rubles.

agree that if you do not plan to build up all their land laced greenhouses and gazebos complex architectural forms, such spending on equipment is clearly unnecessary.Begins work our natural nous and eventually a traditional Russian answer: they do.

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How do bender for profile pipe with his hands

entire assortment of profile steel pipe, its structural advantages and scope we considered separately.Now we try to bend them with his own hands for a given radius of the final product.

It is very important to avoid the following technical defects:

  • cracking;a metal profile should be thrown out;
  • compression or stretching of the surface at a potential burden on the structural element;
  • deformation of the original profile, which leads to disruption of the metal resistance (corrosion and mechanical) at the nodes of bending and fracture the structure.

If you are ready to fulfill their own hands and the unit rolls for such work - you honor and praise.The easiest makeshift bender with rolling rollers from the drive (any suitable electric motor with gear) and the pressing device of ordinary steel pipe.Mounted on a regular jack and, judging by the reviews, provides high-quality products arched.

We appreciate our technical findings "kulibinyh" but recommend to buy ready-made metal rolling of any configuration or make it to order on their drawings and ideas, especially not bothering hands and my head.

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