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August 12, 2017 18:07

Double-sided fireplace - a portal between two rooms

double-sided fireplace - the principle of pass-through chamber

Very often master potters, for their own benefit, claim that the double-sided fireplace - is built opposite each other in the adjacent bedrooms 2 full fireplace with separate flues located in the same pipe.Accordingly, out of the furnace 2, the same smoke box, in other words, sold 2 brick masonry under the guise of one.But in fact, there are furnace with two-sided radiation, ie through.By setting such a fireplace in the wall between the living room and dining room, you can not only admire the fire from two rooms, but also at a sufficient value of the portal, see through the dancing flames adjacent room.

By the way, a corner fireplace, too, to some extent can be considered a two-way, the truth, only in the case when is open on two sides of the square portal.In this case, if the laying of the corner fireplace is made in the form of a triangle inscribed in a corner with a classic portal, ie on the basis of one-sided radiation, in a furnace the greatest degree of heat transfer.Through the furnace radiates heat on two sides, with the result that every room gets warm in 2 times less than it could.

If you use a special air ducts or heat exchanger system, the inflow of warm air from the fireplace will increase significantly.

Double-sided fireplace - cozy on two fronts

When it comes to the fireplace, the majority seem to classic portal, possibly made in a particular style, but always in the form of the letter "P" and is always open.However modern fireplaces are usually hidden behind thick fire-resistant glass , which firstly ensures the safety of children and pets, and secondly, to protect the house from fire due to accidentally fallen coals.Glass has always formed as a door that allows you to freely enclose the furnace wood or coal, it is transparent and does not stop to admire the intricate dance of flames.But the most fascinating show will give you a two-sided fireplace, which has glass portals are located on both sides.Why

through-glass fireplace?Other options are not even considered to be an open pass-through furnace would be an excellent way to fill the room with smoke, which would have stretched from one or another of the portal draft.The minimum that is acceptable, is to leave the furnace open on one side, on the other hand firmly fix the glass.If you make a door appear that same draft, with all the consequences of the fire.If the portals are made correctly and air supply to the furnace is provided on the glass (completely sealed portal can not be done, the fire without oxygen for some reason unsustainable) - you can see the fire in either of the two rooms, which overlook facades, without any inconvenience to thethemselves.

fireplace Variants with double-sided radiation

Based on the fact that through the portal is, as a rule, two windows, between which the furnace pan, appropriately just install the whole structure in the inner wall between the two rooms.However, it is less effective option will look when the second portal is addressed to the outdoor terrace, you get a very original box with flaming firewood inside.Corner two-way portal radiation can only be placed in a place that speaks the name "home".Although sometimes a fireplace is installed at the edge of a pier in the form of a column, this is a good option for the plan, which, for example, living room and dining room combined and partition acts as a symbolic boundary between them.

By the way, for the latter case is perfect fireplace with constituents radiation, in which three walls are composed of heat-resistant glass, and the fire can be seen from almost all sides.In general, fireplace with through the portal can be installed at all without walls , as a nominal divider of the two zones in the same room, for example, in this way, you can separate the working space in the living room from the rest of the room, or, say, the dining room from the kitchen block.For a home through appropriate unequal finishing plaster facades, depending on the interior of the room.The options are many, the main thing that the fire through the portal makes it possible to penetrate directly in the comfort rooms.