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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to install electric meter correctly

Choosing The meter

From time to time many of us there is a need to replace the electricity meter.This is due to the fact that these appliances are technically and morally obsolete over time.Today the market offers a variety of models, and choose the right - not a problem.But then the question arises: how to install electric meter?In fact, its installation is not particularly difficult, and can quite successfully be made independently.How to install electric meter correctly

for an apartment or private home, as a rule, used the so-called direct method of connection.There is still a way to install a transformer, but it is more commonly used in industrial plants with high power consumption.In a private house or apartment in the installation of the transformer is usually not necessary.

Electricity divided on a number of parameters.Thus, the accuracy of their class may be in the range 0.2-2.5.The higher the score, the more accurate accounting of electricity occurs.

terms of the number of phases distinguish single and three phase meters, according to the principle of work - induction and electronic.The first is a familiar device with a rotating metal disk, in which the number of revolutions and held records.Their main advantage - the reasonable price.Electronic same though more expensive, but much more accurate.

But whichever option you choose, the device connection scheme remains unchanged.This ensures that you will be able to install it correctly.

process of connecting the electricity

need to decide before you start the installation of the electric meter, where it will be placed.It should be located in a dry place, in a place that provides a convenient and quick access to it.For apartments of multi-storey houses, as a rule, it is the electrical panel in the stairwell.In a private house the place should be determined independently.It is important to note that, according to the installation standards, the room temperature should not fall below zero degrees.Therefore, if the counter is to be placed, for example, in an unheated basement, you need to put it in a special box for the meter with the possibility of heating.

According to the rules, the counter can be set:

  • on the wall;
  • in a cabinet;
  • on the shield (metal, plastic or wood);
  • in a compartment integrated switchgear.

important point - the height of the installation.It is best to have the device at eye level.According to the rules, the height can be 80 cm from the floor, but in this case to take the readings have to constantly bend over.However, it is still better and more convenient than the set count is too high.

immediate installation is reduced to the following algorithm of actions.First of all, in the shield itself distributed counter contact plate and the number of circuit breakers on the power lines.Next, the wiring harness.Wiring of single-phase meter is as follows: How to install electric meter correctly

If you are using a three-phase meter, the wiring diagram is different: How to install electric meter correctly

And, of course, before carrying out any work, make sure that your power line voltage no.

Installation tips

counter Finally, we present some useful tips that will come in handy if you are going to install their own electric meter:

  • When selecting a counter, calculate the total power used by all devices that may be connected.For example, if the capacity is about 7 kW, it is better to take the counter-denominated 5-60A.
  • Buying counter, ask the store if they have a ready panel with circuit breakers.
  • If you are using an old electric meter, the instruction to which the lost, look at the cover, which closes the terminal.It should be applied to wiring diagram.

We hope that these simple rules will help you to cope with self-installation of the meter.How to install electric meter correctly