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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repair of water pipes in apartment

Replacing sewer pipes

Most pipelines in the apartments were set in Soviet times.Metal pipes, so that they are not subjected to corrosion, covered with layers of paint, but it has saved them only from the outside, but inside they are rusted and the port.Today there are many alternatives that replace metal pipes in the apartment.

Repair of water pipes in apartment

Stages of repair waterpipe:

  • constitutes a new water pipeline project so that you can lay the pipe as it is convenient to you;
  • calculates and purchased the required number of fasteners and pipes;
  • The next step is the dismantling of old pipes;
  • Now you can start to install a new design.The material may be polypropylene, or metal and plastic.
  • between a plastic tube attached by means of soldering or fittings;

Drainage is an important element of communication.When gutters are worn, formed a leak and an unpleasant smell.In this case, you need to immediately start repairing sewage pipes, while carrying out a sequence of actions:

  • is necessary to start with the ceiling and replacing the sewer pipe in the apartment, the function of which is to connect the drain with the atmosphere and blocking odors;
  • done a drawing to the assembly structure formed slope of the pipe connected to the siphon and the central riser, about 2 cm to 1 m pipe;
  • When mounting, pay attention to the diameter of the elements attached to the toilet bowl desyatisantimetrovyh pipe, then using a tee connected to the system plums from sinks and appliances of smaller diameter;

Repair of water pipes in apartment

  • pipe connection is done by entering the pipe into the socket interface, which is directed in the opposite direction from the direction of movement of waste;
  • final step is to seal the sewer pipe, ie,close the lid.

If done correctly, you will have the opportunity for many years not to worry about the functionality of the sewage system.

phased implementation of the repair of the heating system

Replacement of heating pipes consists of two parts:

  • Replacement battery heating;
  • Replacement of the pipeline section, which is located directly in your apartment;

Repair of water pipes in apartment

flow and return risers should never be touched because they are owned utilities.

Work on updating the heating designs try to carry out during the warmer months, before the cold weather.

installation process is carried out in the following sequence:

  • necessary to drain the water, filling the system;
  • unnecessary pipeline sections are cut with a hacksaw or grinder;
  • on the remaining piece of pipe threaded on which is mounted a ball valve.The same piece is screwed onto the riser drain water from raditorov.
  • With fasteners, hammered into the wall, the new batteries are installed;
  • Now you can begin to determine the location of the heating pipes in the apartment.First, attach the feed tube, then - abductor.
  • As a material used for heating polypropylene, capable of withstanding the coolant temperature 95 degrees;
  • With each other, these tubes and radiator are connected with special fittings, which can be bought at any hardware store.

As a result, you will get a modern, cost-effective and long-lasting communications systems.

Repair of water pipes in apartment