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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to organize a rural water supply at home?

autonomous water supply systems at home

Water is one of the essential attributes of the dwelling, whether it be an apartment or private house.Water is an integral communication of any home.Typically, a person needs 100 liters of water a day, it is not enough if you use the washing machine, take a bath (shower), enjoy a bathroom with a cistern in the house, instead of the regular pods into the yard.

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scheme, allowing to organize the supply of the rural house, divided into two main variants:

  • centralized water supply system
  • local autonomous system of water supply

When accounting for the rural situation likelihood homefirst small, for - consider this first study in more detail.
autonomous system includes:

  • External piping
  • Internal piping
  • pump
  • tank (gidropnevmanichesky, water)
  • intake structures (well, well)

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independent water system draws water from underground for frequent source.The most famous (common) intake facilities are well (well at a submersible pump, artesian), Abyssinian well, ordinary well.The choice will depend on the depth of the aquifer and the amount of which is calculated on the host.

well is possible to do in the immediate vicinity of the house on the site, and under the house itself.But we must take into account the need for careful removal of insulation and waste outlet.It is also necessary to install the water tank of 200 - 400 liters.An ideal place for the reservoir is an attic or roof.In this case, the tank is above the level of in-house pipeline, which will provide work cranes.

electric installation must be carried below the level of the tank to avoid its airing.A very important detail is the presence of the check valve in the pump system, in the absence thereof, it is necessary to install it.That water did not go back into the borehole or well.

The pictures shows the different options for water intake facilities.

Types aqueduct

pipe is divided into: internal and external.Domestic water supply of rural houses is of economic and drinking.When mounting use often made of metal constructions with different attributes.
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When podvodke drinking water used different filter elements and accessories for water purification.
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once - organize water - rural - house - 6
outer pipe is used outside the various economic - technical problems.

That such are the main CAB (independent water supply system).