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August 12, 2017 18:08

Concrete rings sewer easy and simple

Repair cottage septic

Technology for creating structures made of reinforced concrete rings consists of several stages, and the first is the preparation that includes such processes:

Concrete rings sewer 1

  1. pit formation in the earth twice the diameter of the rings and at a depth of 3 m.
  2. Falling asleep to the bottom of the pit with gravel using compactors.Ballast must be greater than 10 cm.
  3. Flooding ball Sebnem cement mortar or stick a monolithic plate with the same thickness as the balloon.
  4. Waterproofing outer part of the septic tank by means of bitumen, which resists the ingress of rainwater and groundwater into the system.

In order to avoid the situation that the septic tank is tilted, and this will be a problem, the bottom surface must be controlled by a constant test level horizontally.

Ring Sewer evrokoltsom come with, and without, and depending on the density of it is provided by the joint design.Krepjat concrete solution and special iron cramps.The installation of sewer-rings in the first dig a pit, and then strengthen the ring and the trench.

Concrete rings sewer 2

scheme in the photo shows the presence and location of the mandatory components of the structure.For details:

  1. Directly ring.
  2. cover for insulation.
  3. neck ring, the procedure is less than basic.
  4. manhole cover.
  5. Ferris Pipe and ventilation.
  6. Overlapping tube.
  7. bottom bathed or cluttered concrete slab.
  8. Bowl splinters.
  9. Waterproofing.
  10. place of solid precipitation.
  11. pipe to enter flow.
  12. tube exit flow.

How to build a septic tank

In the next stage of reinforced concrete rings for sewage begin to mount.And the order made such processes:

Concrete rings sewer 4

  1. room first concrete ring on the bottom of the pit.
  2. align the vertical bottom and gradual backfilling soil around the outer ring of walls and pits.
  3. When set the last ring joints are sealed with cement mortar.
  4. top ring must contain two holes-tees for pipes with a diameter of 10 cm And the entrance hole is placed above the exit hole 10 cm
  5. Connection Tee:.. Entry and exit.Places connections and pipe penetrations are sealed.
  6. room 2 vertical pipes, one of which would be placed in the water at 30-40 cm, and the other at a distance x above the liquid level.
  7. Fastening ventilation ducts, such as asbestos cement or cast iron, which, in fact, have served as stretching and traction.It should be at a distance of 1 m above the ground.
  8. Slab of reinforced concrete septic tank rings using different materials: boards, thin concrete slabs, notes such as to be feasible for the human forces.Overlapping should also be waterproofed and covered with soil, but it is necessary to choose reinforced concrete slab with a hatch.
  9. insulation through additional floors and insulation pads.

outlet essentially level indicates the level of water in the septic tank.

Well, now it is known that reinforced concrete rings for sewer installation in extremely difficult and expensive, and if, objectively assessing their own strength, you decide to invite a specialist, surprising in it will be nothing.

Concrete rings sewer 5

Septic reinforced concrete rings: service

  1. Do not use chlorine compounds to eliminate spoilage bacteria and impurities, as in this case they serve a positive function.
  2. Clean septic tank is every 3 years or mouth water closet available.
  3. During cleaning assistant - cesspit apparatus.

Finally, some advice: Do not leave an open septic tank for the winter and pay attention to its location on the premises.Minimum distance - 5 meters.