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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mounting the sink with his hands - the general and exclusive installation cases

mounting shell with their own hands - a general principle of

As one of the sanitary appliances, providing reception of waste water and its drain into the sewer system, installed this equipment, in most cases, after the laying of water pipes and drainage systems.At the same time for a comfortable use of the height of the sink installation shall not exceed eighty-five centimeters, but less than eighty centimeters to fix it does not make sense.

The same applies to appliances in the kitchen (sink).The dimensions should take into account not only for the "hanging" of models, but also to adhere to them, choosing kitchen cabinets to install sinks and other containers for washing dishes.

Before you how to properly install the sink, you need to determine the place of its installation, the presence of connectivity or mixer taps, etc.It is necessary to choose the method of attachment.Installation can be carried out on the brackets, on a pedestal, on a pedestal, a special shelf, etc.

In the most general case, you need to measure from the floor level of the recommended height, its significance as defined above, and horizontally to hold the line marker.This will be the level of the top edge.Each such "tubs for washing" on the back side is a plane abutment to the supporting wall.By measuring the width of the flat portion, the size of the postponing the wall, below the first line.It is important to check the horizontal level on both lines.

then measured the distance between the holes for the mounting brackets on the flat back of the sanitary appliance.His (distance) lay on top of the line held.Often for orientation can be used as an axis of symmetry of the neck of the drain pipe of the future "washstand".Stepping back from the top line to a height equal to the distance from the top edge to center of hole fixing in the wall are drilled dowel holes and install the plug.

Then fasten the brackets on which the installation will be carried out shell pendant.Special union spanner bottom tightened mounting for such a "faience".During the verified level of the horizon, and, if necessary, corrected.After you install and test the reliability of fastening of wires installation of other equipment (mixer, siphon).

How to install the sink when she has

stand Similarly, setting the shell can be made with a pedestal, video materials in the article show also such a setup with polupedestalom.As can be clearly seen, in this case, the top of the working part can likewise be mounted to the wall and pedestal gets decorating function.

In support vases sink it makes sense to use special pads.It is important not to overdo it with products tightening the fasteners to the wall and do not forget to put under the support washers plastic gasket, which usually are included fasteners.

Before install the sink tulip, you need to prepare the place of work and some tools: a drill, hardware, faucet and siphon marker.Actually, the process is not much different from the actions described above.But there are nuances.Namely, before installing, using a thin padding, you need to put the sink on the leg base and move up close to the wall, in the place of attachment.

Level expose adjacent horizontal portion and mark the marker line on the wall along the top edge.You can check and horizontal lines, it does not hurt.Then, a drilling, fastening and installation of all piping, as mentioned above.When you install the legs in place need to use those same pad, which carried out a preliminary layout.

They will serve as shock absorbers, providing support at the top of the leg and at the same time preventing mechanical contact between the water intake of the materials and support.The joint between the wall and the adjacent ground can be sealed with silicone sealants.

How to install the sink in unusual

location conditions for premises lavatories small area when housewives have a burning desire to place in it the washing machine, can be done setting the sink in the bathroom above the washing machine with his own hands this can be doneusing products with a lateral drain.

Of course, this arrangement is used for front loading laundry and sufficiently compact size washing machine.You may have to increase the height and the installation of sanitary equipment, focusing on the height of the machine.Importantly, the use of standard construction with a central drain is not recommended.

As a rule, setting the kitchen sink with a pedestal can mean the use of overhead or mortise sinks.In recent years become increasingly popular of the device under the table of the stone materials. experiencing its "renaissance" and mounted specimens, especially in exclusive interior design kitchens.If you use ready-made cabinets and sinks overhead it is important to choose the size and mounting method, which is much simpler than the methods discussed above.More

have to tinker with Mortise sink.It is important to bear exactly the proportions.But cutter or jigsaw quite help cope with the task.Only need to be removed from the stone countertop.After preparing the holes it is necessary to subject the edge sealing (sealant, mastic), the same procedure is desirable to perform after the installation into the prepared hole.

And in this case, the installation of the mixer and siphon their connection to the water pipe and drain.Carry visibility and informative on how to install the sink, video for each of the above types of sanitary devices.