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August 12, 2017 18:08

Installation and connection sockets and switches

What do I need to know and have a mounting

switch to set the required switch:

  • switch;
  • connecting wires;
  • distribution box;
  • electrical tape;
  • screwdriver;
  • desirable to have another tester

switch Connecting directly to a lamp - this thing is very simple to understand even a schoolboy, but can not yet forget the main rule - the phase wire is connected to the lamp by means of the switch, ie,phase is always connected to the gap.It must be observed for the safety of continued operation of electrical appliances.Otherwise, if the switch is not off from a network phase and zero, the cables remain always under stress, and it is very dangerous.Phase wire is determined using the indicator and connect it to the bulb so that it was connected to the central terminal phase.

What you need to know and have a mounting Power Off

But how to connect through a single junction box wire from the lamp, switch and guard, then we need to understand.

Wiring Diagram

switch consists of:

  • bulbs - one or more connected in parallel;
  • -button (in our case) switch;
  • junction box;
  • power supply 220V.


With the electrical panel to the box leaves the cable consisting of two wires.It is better that they are of different colors.Further, this same box suitable wires from the switch and the lamp.Phase of raspredschitka usually red and respectively connected to the red wire to a suitable switch.Blue wire from the switch is connected to the red that is connected to the lamp, thereby making phase switched.

Zero blue wire from the switch board is connected to the zero, marching on the lamp.As a result, from zero raspredkoroba goes directly to the bulb, and the phase is connected through the switch.It turns out that when you press the switch button, the circuit is completed, the phase is supplied to a light bulb and it glows.At the conclusion of all the exposed wires carefully isolated and fit neatly in a box.For greater reliability of connections can be applied in addition to twist even soldering.

Connecting switches and sockets in one box

If the apartment there are common junction boxes, which are connected to all sockets and switches, then figure out what is connected and what is difficult.For example, if a junction box is connected with the switch on the lamp and socket.

In this case, from the panel to the box are two cables - one red with the phase and the other blue with zero.a similar connection scheme as described above.The socket is connected in parallel - phase to phase (two red wires), zero to zero (blue wire).

Connecting switches and sockets in one box

Instructions socket connection to the switch

  1. Remove the protective strip from the wall socket or switch, if it is necessary to leave a margin of 5-6 cm wire.
  2. Unscrew the spacer bolts in order to be able to pull outswitch from a duct wall.
  3. switches mounted in the gap phase wires installed in the mounting socket.This enables quick disconnection of the electrical system in a short circuit and provide replacement cartridges and lamps.
  4. When mounting the switch note is whether the inclusion of pressing the Home button or the top of the key.
  5. -button switches are mounted so that the contact wires were down.
  6. Installation and connection socket with a switch next:
  • Wall fix podrozetnik;
  • socket disclosed;
  • base socket with two screws screwed to the switch;
  • into an outlet and switch the base screws screwed cable.

Guide the socket connection to the switch Guide the socket connection to the switch

We have considered a brief digression, how to connect the sockets and switches.If you still are unknown points, then pay attention to the video and photos.And remember safety.