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August 12, 2017 18:07

Why so popular concrete rings for sewage ?

Concrete rings sewer - ways of laying

most simple and quite effective option for burying concrete rings - take a shovel, put the first section of the future of the well to the desired location, climb inside and start to dig a hole, gradually undermining the walls around you.As soon as you deepen the well, the ring will go down with you.

When it is completely gone under the ground, rolled up next ring and laid on top.Again, we go down into the pit, and undertake the shovel, which in any case is not recommended to slip under the concrete sections where soil, retaining them is almost gone, the ground gently shovel.

weight ring with a diameter of one meter with a standard wall thickness is 600 kilograms.

Another mounting method involves the use of heavy equipment - namely the crane.To begin digging a pit the size you want, then go and purchase a ring that exactly will be included in the prepared hole, otherwise we will have after the call of the crane to expand the pit to the ring for sewers still went in.

And it will mean extra costs for the operation of heavy equipment, the payment of which is usually hourly.If the pit, and the rings are the same, just we catch them one by one and goes down, trying to accurately align the wall.

rings for sewage plastic than they are good?

Unlike concrete wells, compiled from a huge gravity segments, rings for sewage plastic win at the expense of relatively low weight.That there lay a concrete fragment of the well, rolled it up to the excavated pit and gently knocking, trying to get clear on the previously sunk into the ground circle.

polyethylene used to make lightweight rings for sewage, allows stacking the well by one person segments , especially if the connection rings is carried out by special locks.

In some cases, installation of plastic well for sewer may cost you some costs if you want to use it for welding.And this method of interconnecting segments is actively used during installation of plastic sewer systems.

Moreover, given the specificity of the material, you must comply with certain technology welding connection with degreasing and control of the working temperature of extrusion welding.But the result exceeds expectations - sealing joints obtained excellent.

Concrete rings sewer or plastic?

On the one hand, concrete inspires confidence - thick walls, excellent resistance to high loads, water resistant.However, given the need to start through the reinforced concrete rings for tube wells, it is worth considering, not too much effort will be spent on sewerage device.

It is necessary to correctly calculate the punching rings of walls, providing additional sealing in places I pipe into the well.Not to mention the fact that the provision of sealing joints also requires the right approach (laying, plastering cracks, water-repellency and plasticizing itself wash).

As for the plastic as the material for the well segments, there is all the more easier.Firstly, ring PVC produced not only with monolithic walls and tapped , where the pipe can be connected.This greatly simplifies the task of the installation of manhole elements.

Second, much easier to provide hermetic sealing, as mentioned earlier.And finally, as required for the inspection pit ladder is mounted on the inside of the PVC rings are much lighter than a concrete wall bracket.The only drawback of plastic - greater than that of concrete price.