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August 12, 2017 18:07

Loss of voltage

permissible voltage loss

High voltage wires

arithmetic calculation methods of air electronic networks with wires of different materials for the loss of voltage.Tolerable voltage loss in the electronic network is determined by the likely permissible voltage deviation from potential users.Therefore, consideration of a request for deviation voltage given considerable interest response.

For every receiver of electric energy possible specific voltage drop.For example, the non-simultaneity of the power units in the standard norms of tolerance voltage anomalies of ± 5%.This means therefore that in a curious incident when the nominal voltage of the electric motor will be provided to 380 V, this voltage U'dop = 1.05 Un = 380 x 1.05 = 399 V and U "dop = 0.95 x Un = 3800.95 = 361 The need to proceed from its most likely permissible voltage indicators. of course, that all of the buffer voltage, receiving among the symbols 361 and 399 B, are still buying relieve user and compose a certain range, or that no options can range nicknamethe desired voltage.

tolerable voltage loss in

Power lines

line users of electronic energy activity do normal work load, when their clips supplied the voltage, based on mathematical calculation made electrical appliance or device. when energy transmissionalong the lines of the voltage is lost on opposition lines themselves and end up at the very end of the strip, t. e. at the user buys, the voltage drop out, than at the beginning of the line.The drop in voltage at the buying user, when compared with the ordinary, is reflected in the current receiver, though power or light load.

Which is why when calculating each power strip voltage differences are not required to exceed the likely possible standards, network, recognized selection of electric load and count on heating, in the main, is measured by the loss, voltage drop.

Fall voltage difference ΔU is called the voltage at the beginning of the line and at its end.ΔU taken to prejudge conditionally comparative units - with respect to the voltage designation.
When using the counter voltage settlement is possible to strengthen the likely permissible voltage loss.Unfortunately, the introduction of the area it has limitations.Most rural people are energized by bus substation power system of their district, municipal or industrial electrical installations.At the same time can be the electric power from the substations of 35/10 or 110/35 kV.

loss of voltage on the overhead rows calculating method for the greatest possible load.Since the voltage drop is approximately equal to increased load at the lowest possible power consumption, on the lines of a rural air network, it has a maximum value of 25%.

permissible voltage loss

PUE PUE - is the main document that counts requests for various forms of electrical equipment.The accuracy of the implementation of the EMP requests guarantees correctness and security of electric installations.

Request PUE indispensable for all institutions, regardless of the formal ownership and organizational and legal forms, as well as for private entrepreneurs and individuals working designers, assembly, configuration and use of electrical installations.

An electrician

PUE 7th edition

levels and voltage control, reactive power compensation:

  • Paragraph 1.2.22.For electricity networks must specify the engineering properties of electricity warranty procedures in relation to the request to GOST 13109
  • Paragraph 1.2.23.Installing the correct voltage is required to create a stabilization voltage to the Voltage buses 3-20 kV substations and power plants, where one or the other connected to the power grid in the range of not less than 105%, indicated in the period of maximum load and no more than 100%, indicated in the period of minimum loadsame networks.The inaccuracy of the said voltage levels required to be justified
  • Paragraph 1.2.24.Alternatively, and positioning devices reactive power compensation in electric made out of despair supply the necessary network bandwidth capabilities in both normal and emergency orders when needed while keeping the voltage levels and reserves of stamina.