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August 12, 2017 18:08

Determine the size of sewer pipes : calculation rules

main characteristics of the pipeline

The main characteristics of the pipeline

Know pipe sizes required.Their performance affect the functionality and scope.

main sewer communications parameters as follows:

  • Inner diameter,
  • nominal value.The formula determines its letter of Dn (Dn),
  • Conditional passage size - DN (DN) shows settings for the internal width in mm.
  • external (outside) diameter,
  • wall thickness.

Common and the main calculation parameter - the size of the inner and outer.Dimensions of sewer pipes are an indication of the tasks designed to implement them.

functions sewer pipe materials

material parameters define their objectives:

  1. Conclusion sewage drains the bowl (use 110 mm diameter channel),
  2. Bath, shell - output drain waste (diameter 75 mm),
  3. sewerage large institutions suggests a larger flow.
  4. Integrated drainage of residential buildings (300 mm).

thickness and width of the sewer connected.To illustrate an example of just 150 millimeters in diameter - 3.9 mm, 110 mm - 3 mm (see fig..).

weight and length of the sewer

-through ability affects the weight of the pipeline material.It is considered 1 meter 110th the diameter weighs about 1 kilogram, 150 mm diameter - 1,230 kilograms.

Accounting sewer communication length:.

  • size along the (maximum) - 6 m,
  • Minimum - 1 m

The weight and length of the sewer

parameters of different types of materials

Common recently become plastic communication.Their advantages - lightness, strength, ability to withstand the pressure of the Pipeline.

Options of different types of materials

system Raw material has its own properties and functional properties that determine its size in the future.The main parameter of choice pipelines and their functionality is their internal dimension.


  • 20-25 mm - washing machine and dishwasher,
  • 30-32 mm - shower,
  • 50 mm - drainage of an apartment house (taking into account the very small number of waste),
  • 110 mm - private sewerHousing, external drainage, the use of - a large-scale pipeline isolation.

pipes standard length - 6 meters (thanks grinders can measure the right size).

Bulky cast iron sewer pipe sizes have their own properties.

models iron options:

  • SWU - have connectors, different ends of the smooth surface,
  • SME - connector has at one end, a second end - smooth.

The main characteristic of the system is determined by the size of the iron to the inside diameter (OD 100 - 100 mm 110 mm inside and externally).

Options of different types of materials

cast iron materials have a nominal diameter: Dn - 50, 75, 100, 125 ....- 400.

SWU model Pipes have a standardized length - 3 meters, the SME - 150 mm, 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 ... - 3 m.

Given these facts, communications, the choice should be based on a clear calculation of their parameters and form of the material-izgotovitelya.It is important to remember - the length and weight are directly dependent on the diameter.building industry standards change.It is necessary to take into account the recent renovations innovation.