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August 12, 2017 18:07

Armstrong suspended ceiling - the calculation , weight and benefits

Features ceiling Armstrong

One of the main characteristics - it is light and at the same time the strength of the product.This ceiling is capable of supporting its weight, and the equipment which it is embedded.Thanks for that you need to tell the developers, who managed to create a unique mount - a plurality of spokes (usually - 2), which have a spring mechanism.Through this mechanism, and kept the basic design and is also regulated by the height of the ceiling level.Details forming plane is also very simple, like a normal constructor.
Armstrong suspended ceiling - the calculation , weight and benefits

  • Jumpers, whose length is 0.6m and 1.2m.
  • Guiding.
  • Wall corners.


design calculation

Armstrong suspended ceiling armstrog calculation is performed is not difficult.In particular, the purchase ceiling, the company can offer to use a special calculator (electronic program have almost all stores).But you can do the calculation yourself.
Armstrong suspended ceiling - the calculation , weight and benefits

  1. Measuring the perimeter of the room.This will deal with how many meters Stenkovoy angle required.Everything is simple, and then a little harder, have to deal with calculations.
  2. guides - the calculation should be carried out taking into account their peculiar location.That is, they must have a distance of 1 meter in the wall 20 centimeters.Such should be the same distance between the guides.Their length - 3.6 meters.This fact should be taken into account.Example: room area of ​​3x4 meters, then you must guide
  3. 3 Jumpers (1.2 meters) are mounted perpendicular to the guide profiles, taking into account the steps of 600 mm.On this basis, the calculation is done.
  4. Jumpers (0.6 Meta) - they should be just as much and long.
  5. last stage of the calculation - is the acquisition of fasteners.Fasteners has three parts - needle with a hook, "butterfly" (a spring for connecting the spokes) spoke with a loop.Available all there, but separately.Buy you need based on the principle - 1 square meter is 5 pcs each item.

    Often, except the tiles in the design also mounted fixtures.They are made specifically for Armstrong ceiling and have dimensions of 60x60 cm. However, many craftsmen can offer a variant with spotlights.It's a little cheaper, and the quality is not much difference.
    armstrog suspended ceiling, the calculation of which was considered a bit higher - it is the best choice among the products offered on the market suspended ceilings.Quality, simplicity, reliability, low cost - this is what allows you to differentiate it from its competitors.