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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wooden floor plinth - a minor detail for a complete picture

Plinth for wooden floor - that we know about him?

wooden slats fit perfectly with the floorboard.If the design of the ceiling and walls are used natural materials such as bamboo or cork panels, the wooden ceiling moldings will be very organic framing this design.

decorative moldings made of wood gives the interior some special aristocracy.Appearance it has changed a lot in recent times.Previously, it was a strip of triangular shape and any frills.Today profiles the design pleasing to the eye with its elegance and the color scheme.There is a great variety of shapes, colors and sizes.Wooden plinth, which measures 100-120 mm called high.

Wooden floor plinth - advantages and disadvantages

Plinth for wooden floor has a number of advantages front of peers - it is absolutely harmless, ie,environmentally friendly.Another advantage - it is of status, he looks in the interior is very expensive and effectively.Particularly striking plinth, high wooden "boot" which has grown to 12 cm, it gives the interior a special accuracy and reliability.Also worth mentioning about his strength and durability.

Make this building material, often from pine and spruce array, and then coated with veneer of fine wood.Plinth wide often made entirely of fine wood, which naturally affects its price.

By disadvantage is the high price items and special requirements to the surface on which it is attached.Also worth noting is that, given the trends in the development of telecommunications technology, and made a wooden plinth with cable channel to conceal cabling.

Wooden floor plinth - installation

Since installation is finishing the completion of finishing the interior, the special preparatory work is not provided.It is only necessary that the surface is clean and smooth.To the installation does not become tedious, time-consuming job which involves a product spoilage, you need to know about some of the nuances.

After purchase, you need to expand the acquired skirting around the room to determine the need for trimming planks.Installation begins with the inner corner.To do this, two adjacent skirting zapilivaem at an angle of 45 degrees.special connecting corners are used when installing a corner joint.

When installing wooden plinth using two versions of its fastening.It fastening screws , as well as landing on liquid nails.The second option can be used if you are absolutely sure of the perfect flat surface of walls in the room.

Experts advise to fix the bar with screws or screws.To do this, make holes in the wall, as well as a neat hole in the baseboard.After that the openings in the wall of the tube inserted into the tree.Then screw through bracket attached to it.

Installing skirting requires tools: screwdriver, screws, liquid nails, hacksaw, drill or punch.With proper installation of a wooden plinth stand for many years and will please the eye the perfection of its forms.