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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a plinth - the recommendations masters

skirting How to choose?

If you are puzzled by the question - how to choose the plinth, you will need to take into account a number of parameters.Firstly, the material looks very floor covering.Logically when installing parquet or solid wood to mount a wooden plinth.Second, pick the right color.To date, it produced a huge number of skirting identical hue strictly under cover.

Thirdly, consider what function it must perform a greater extent - a decorative or protective?If the first, then will look good wooden plinth (for example, for the living room).aluminum or plastic (in the kitchen) will approach for the second option.And, fourthly, you can select and price.The cheapest are considered to PVC, the most expensive - from solid wood.

Consider all these moments, make a choice.You will also need a brief description of each type of skirting.

To do this, we will describe below each type and describe its main advantages and disadvantages.

Types baseboards

To buy the right material, you need to know what are the skirting boards.There are the following types: wood, veneer, laminate, plastic, aluminum and steel.Each has its pros and cons.

  • Wooden plinth - is considered one of the most elegant and stylish.Made mostly of oak, beech, pine, spruce.Among the main advantages of release: an attractive appearance, environmental cleanliness, durability, longevity.Among the shortcomings: the need for additional treatment (painting), the complexity of laying, exposure to the effects of cleaning chemicals, moisture, high cost.The choice of this material plinth largely justified its exclusivity and beauty.They are used for solid wood, parquet, laminate.
  • Veneer - has a solid foundation and is decorated with precious woods from above, which is further covered with varnish.This reduces the cost while maintaining the outer is chosen more often than the previous date.Among the main advantages: elegant design, ease of installation, environmental friendliness, high strength.Of the minuses: exposure to moisture, chemicals, flammability.Selection of the plinth of this material is suitable for solid wood, parquet, laminate.
  • Laminate - made of MDF, and the top is covered with a decorative strip that perfectly simulates various wood.This material, unlike the previous two species, has a large scope of application and is characterized by a low cost.Among the other advantages distinguish: high durability, reliability, durability, possibility of cleaning detergents, moisture resistance.Deficiencies are not noticed.If you still do not know which to choose plinth, then buy this, it is universal.Well suited for linoleum and laminate.
  • Plastic - made of PVC, is lightweight and very flexible and ductile, so easy to install.More advantages: resistance to UV rays, moisture, cleaning agents, does not support combustion, there is no need for additional paint durability, cheapness.Among the shortcomings of its incompatibility we can be identified with expensive, exclusive coverage.Suitable mostly for PVC panel, linoleum, laminate.
  • Aluminum and steel species baseboards made of metal.They have a beautiful, custom look.They are used not only for decoration of houses and apartments, and office buildings.Among the main advantages: an extraordinary mechanical strength, resistance to detergents, the possibility of cable inside.Steel - has a resistance to moisture.Among the few drawbacks: difficulty in processing.Suitable for virtually all floor coverings: linoleum, laminate, wood, ceramic, carpet and more.

How to choose a plinth: recommended brand

If you have already figured out how to choose the plinth, but still do not know which brand is better, it will give you a short list of the major manufacturers.Wooden plinth made by companies such as Leisten Wagner (Austria), Magestik floor (Netherlands), Stenwood (Russia), veneered - Pedross (Italy), Burkle (Austria).

Laminated skirting produces Kronospan (Germany-Russia), Neuhofer (Austria), plastic - Myck (Poland), Ideal (Russia), Arbiton (Poland), aluminum - Progress Plast (Italy), Neuhofer (Austria), steel - Profilpas .So, we have listed the most popular brands.What skirting better, you can specify only parameters necessary for the design, price and quality.