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August 12, 2017 18:07

Laying tiles on a wooden floor : three ways

first option: average floor

first step is to inspect the surface before the repair work - how useful its condition for such coverage?Do we need preliminary work on preparation for laying the floor?

himself a wooden floor, basically, always consists of three main elements:

  • cover (board, parquet, linoleum, etc.);
  • substrate (chipboard or plywood board) - the basis;
  • logs (wooden blocks, laid on a concrete base with an approximate interval of about half a meter) - a skeleton of wooden construction.

Depending on the state of all the elements is determined by the magnitude of substrate preparation for laying tiles.In principle, all three of which we spoke earlier, different names preparatory stage, because the process of laying special differences are not allowed.So, consider these methods.

wood cover creaks, sags, but would not change it entirely desirable for any reason (lack of money, time and so forth.).

In this case, should follow this course of action:

  • coating and substrate is removed completely by nail puller.It is necessary to examine the design of the backbone, and if the logs are not rotten, and the problems were caused by the poor condition of the substrate, it is possible to leave the base.
  • Logs should be processed special protective impregnation, so they last longer.
  • Then it is necessary to prevent further subsidence of the foundations, and the distance between joists to fill expanded clay.
  • surface again sheathed with boards or strong thick plywood with long screws.It is best not to set the board close to each other, and with a small gap for ventilation or for the purpose drill several holes.
  • On board should lay a parchment, and have at it - a solid substrate, eg, gipsovolokonnyh sheets with thickness of 20 mm or cement particle boards 10-20 mm.They are fixed with a running start to lag screws (see step 15-20).
  • slots from the walls to the floor base can be filled with the usual assembly foam.
  • Such surface ground.
  • Now tiles on a wooden floor lies right - design no longer sags, and it will be easy to do.You can use the traditional methods of laying.Laying tiles on a wooden floor : three ways

second option: if the floors very bad

If the tree is in very poor condition, the previous method is unlikely to be useful.However, replacing the tie, you can achieve a perfect result.So, what should you do?

wooden floor screed:

  • Remove the old lining.
  • produce waterproofing.To do this, there is a huge variety of materials, but the most simple, popular and affordable is the usual plastic film.
  • In terms of markup is around the perimeter of the room.
  • beacons are installed - 10 cm from the wall, 100 cm from each other.Perfectly suited metal profiles, which can be mounted on the concrete anchors.
  • Ties can pour a cement-sand mortar (cement M-400 and sand 1: 3) or clean concrete.Calculate the amount of material needed on the principle of 15 kg of a mixture of 1 sq m with a layer of 1 cm. If the layer is much thicker, better facilitate the screed using expanded clay and covered it in the deepest areas between the beacons.
  • Wait until the concrete has dried - not less than 1 day.
  • surface is trimmed from the strong irregularities and the supernatant of expanded clay.
  • Stripped floor screed primed and filled again from the far corner of the door, constantly lining rule on beacons.
  • Waiting - three days.
  • ground surface again and is now filled with self-leveling mixture.After drying absolutely perfect screed is ready.Now the tiles on a wooden floor lies normal, whatever way it may be decided to glue and whatever design is chosen.Laying tiles on a wooden floor : three ways

third option: a good wood floor

If povehnosti excellent condition, it makes no sense to conduct extensive training.However, a prerequisite for this is the support of the CPD.What do


  • slots from the wall to the base coat are filled with foam.
  • EAF process should be protective padding or several times with hot linseed oil (process is flammable, it is necessary to be extremely careful).
  • After the surface of the sheets is insulated with a thick layer of latex, which (even in a mild form) is set masking grid.
  • After drying latex paint grid additionally secured with screws.
  • surface is coated with a mixture of water: water glass: coarse sand in the ratio 1: 2: 2.
  • After drying the mixture can immediately proceed to the traditional tiling, but the best will additionally align the surface of the self-leveling mixture.1

Important!For all three of these methods is a prerequisite for cementitious adhesive, and in any case no mastic, or tile on the wooden floor may lie not so, as we would like.

acquainted firsthand with the laying of tiles on a wooden base can be in the video.

Conclusion In principle, nothing complicated in the tile laying on a wooden floor is not.However, if you do not consider his condition or did not prepare a wooden base, tiled covering is unlikely to last for long.It reviewed all the major ways to lay tile on the wooden floor, and they differ only to the preparation of the surface, and not the type of masonry.Laying tiles on a wooden floor : three ways