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August 12, 2017 18:07

Grout for tiles - they do not make a mistake in choosing ?

Why do we need to grout tile floor?

deciding on the need for repair work, we immediately wonder about where do you start this repair?However, few people realize what it must end.So, when facing the floor tile grouting is completed it.This is an important stage of the work, as well-made processing tile joints allows us to give coverage not only more aesthetic appearance, but also to hide minor defects and disadvantages of laying facing material.

responsible approach to the choice of grout, a correct use of it - all to make the floor surface hygienic and more airtight, which is especially important in areas with high humidity levels.When choosing low-quality grout composition or its absence in the joints will clog various debris and dust.

is great risk that after some time zavedutsya insects and harmful microorganisms in them.Moreover, even at normal humidity levels in the joints, which were not treated with grout, the mold can be formed.Direct moisture in the gap significantly increase the likelihood of fungus.

grout for floor tiles - defines the composition of

On sale you can find a huge number of different grout tile, but all their diversity can be divided into two main types. criterion of division in this case is a part of, so now you have to choose between the cement and epoxy grout. cement grout - a dry mixture, which must be diluted with water or liquid latex.

course in DIY stores have already diluted compositions, but their price is much higher.cement-based composition may comprise sand.Typically, such a grout used for joints wider than 3 mm.Otherwise, it is possible to do grout without sand.

formulations include sand, should not be used in the processing of the seams between the tiles with a surface easily scratched!

epoxy grout for floor tiles, unlike cement, is more resistant to moisture and household cleaning products, presented in a variety of colors.It is based on epoxy resins and hardeners, which make the grout joints strong, resistant to environmental factors and long-lasting.Moreover, its color epoxy can store up to 50 years.It can be used for joints of very different widths, but it is the best option for grouting cracks that are wider than 5 mm.

Grout for tiles on the floor - choose color

Poorly chosen shade of grout can spoil you the whole picture perfectly laid flooring and well-chosen color will make it even more attractive and interesting.Ideally, grout tile floor tile is purchased in the same tone, but it is not always possible, so you need to be guided by a set of rules.

So, if you choose a grout that is lighter than the tile, then all elements of the flooring will be merged together. If grouting composition of the darker tiles, it will stand out - you will get a clear geometry of your gender .This contrast is particularly relevant if your floor is decorated with tiles or small mosaics.

to photo tiles we recommend to choose transparent grout that will not violate the integrity of the image.

If among the available varieties grout compositions you could not find the right for you, you can safely buy the composition of gray.It is suitable for almost any floor tiles.To prevent mold, which does not paint the seams, choose moisture resistant structure.Also today you can easily purchase protective equipment for grouting.Proper care will significantly extend its life and keep pristine color.