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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mineral wool or foam - in a difficult choice

quick look at the mineral wool and foam

In general, each name represents a sufficiently wide range of materials with common features.So called mineral wool wadding produced from molten glass mass, rocks or blast furnace slag.In turn, foams and sufficiently extensive list called light cellular plastic, with a low density, obtained by foaming.

Since foam can get out of many types of plastics are well known polyurethane, polystyrene, PVC, phenol-formaldehyde and other types of foams.They differ in mechanical strength, density, resistance to a variety of influences.

insulated with mineral wool and foam is widely used in the construction of new buildings and reconstruction of already used.This thermal insulation gives also additional sound insulation.As a rule, the expected operating conditions inside or outside the premises, the impact of the external environment and other factors considered engineering project, it is determined that it is better, foam or mineral wool, as an insulation material.

Thus, various types of mineral wool may have a different structure and orientation of oriented fibers and the fastening material, as where different phenolic compounds and formaldehyde resins are used frequently.This slightly reduces the thermal stability of such wool.Generally mineral wool have high thermal stability (700 ° C).

On the other hand, the use of foams may be expedient if eliminated exposure to high temperatures, corrosive liquids (benzene, acetone, etc.), since the foams have an extremely low weight, high insulating properties and ease of processing.

main consumers of insulation walls and technological systems

foam or mineral wool insulation are often used for protecting surfaces of building structures, in other words, the walls.Depending on the planned construction of thermal insulation mineral wool mats are often used in hinged ventilated facades.They work fine in a humidity change, absorbing and giving back the moisture in protecting internal structures from the environment.

mineral wool or foam is also well suited to a thin layer of plaster on the facade thermal insulation materials.In this case, more often used expanded polystyrene foam.In addition, materials are excellent and in the implementation of sandwich constructions of walls.

They can take the form of a three-layer, or a layered kolodtsevoy masonry, precast panels glued or "sandwich" structure, multi-layered wall w / w panels.

As is known, in addition to walls and frame structures in modern buildings and structures commonly used a variety of technological systems.It is water, water taking, sewer, ventilation and other systems, and communication.They all have a rather complex structure requiring the use of insulating materials.

And then also widely used mineral wool or polystyrene.Of course, performing insulation, the temperature of the object is taken into account, the possibility of the presence or thereon or formation of aggressive substances like medium.In this case, the obvious usefulness of mineral wools is more resistant to temperature and corrosive environments.

Which is better, foam or mineral wool - make choices

choosing the material for insulation, it is necessary to take into account the likelihood of adverse effects in the future.So, using expanded polystyrene (and other foams), you need to remember about his fire, its destruction can contribute not only to a direct hit by aggressive substances (all nitropaint contain such substances), but a pair of these substances.Bearing in mind that all the buildings in the course of operation require external and internal repairs and selected insulation material, polystyrene foam or mineral wool.

Unconditional importance and quality of the materials themselves.Quality foam structure is an array of identical polyhedrons (3-5 mm), interlinked.With the destruction of the foam fracture is on the faces of polyhedra.At the same time the low quality material consists of balls, flying easily under slight mechanical stress.

Among mineral wools can also find higher quality and lower quality.Here it is necessary to pay attention to the looseness of the product, because over time it is possible shrinkage and densification.Such cotton loses its insulating properties over time and undesirable to use.

Among experts there is a view that is warmer: foam or mineral wool.Each material has its own area of ​​application.Of course, the cost of high-quality mineral mats or rolls, their "durability" above.But the good foams with proper design and installation of high quality ensure long time operation.