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August 12, 2017 18:08

Warming of a wooden house under the siding - choose the material and installation technology

Warming of a wooden house under the siding - carry out the necessary calculations

Thermal calculations are usually carried out at the design stage of a residential home, but not too late to make them just before the facing wall insulation under the cover of the siding.In the calculations you consider the following factors should be taken: climate area where the house is being built;its operation mode (it can be seasonal and permanent);the thermal conductivity of the material used for the work.It is necessary to clarify immediately that the seasonal operation of an apartment house, which is in May-September, these calculations can not be performed at all.

stringent requirements for insulation seasonally operated not at home!All the relevant works are carried out strictly at your discretion and in accordance with your wishes.

As for houses, designed for permanent residence, such calculations are required for them.They are carried out on the basis of operating in a particular region of standards.

One of the main documents needed for the calculations is the SNIP II-3-79 (Building Regulations. Thermal Engineering). On this basis, based on the degree-days of heating period (GSOP), the optimum thickness of the insulation under the siding.

So, if your house walls are made of pine beams of 200 mm, the thickness of the insulation layer is 50 mm.By using a similar timber to a thickness of 150 mm is increase to 100 mm.Do not forget that the insulation of a wooden house under the siding is made based on several factors, which include and properties of the material used.

Wall insulation under the siding - choose insulation material

At the moment, the market is saturated with heat-insulating materials, both traditional products and variety of novelties.You can easily find conventional mineral wool or polyurethane foam a more modern.But how do you make the right choice among this variety?How not to throw money - literally - to the wind?To do this study the characteristics and performance of the most suitable materials.

To start pay attention to the fiberglass insulation.Glass wool for many years, is known for its excellent fire properties, lack of odor and resistant to moisture.In addition, its performance characteristics are not affected by sharp changes of humidity, temperature and time.Glass wool is perfectly performs the function of not only heat, but also a sound-proof material.It is available to a wide range of consumers, and provided the majority of well-known brands.

for insulation of facades, roofs, attics, walls and floors are widely used and materials based on basalt fibers.They also prevent the penetration of outside noise in the house and are sustainable.Modern and fairly high-quality material is extruded polystyrene.As he enters the sale in the form of insulating boards, characterized by high density, closed cell structure.

This material is characterized by the lowest possible measure of thermal conductivity, which can not but rejoice, if carried out wall insulation under the siding.You can also opt for a foamed polyethylene.It is based on the high-pressure polyethylene, in which dyes are added, special additives for improving fire resistance, fire retardants, etc.Such material is not only perfectly preserves warm in a building, but also prevents the formation of condensation under the siding.

In addition, he bad protects your home from outside noise.So, your attention is presented a fairly wide range of thermal insulation materials.It is enough to choose the best option that will meet the existing operating conditions, your preferences and financial capabilities.

Warming houses under siding - choose mounting technology

material of today decided to allocate several technologies installation of thermal insulation material.The first option is rightly recognized as a maximum budget.It consists in the acquisition of conventional roll heaters, which are glued directly on the wall and secured additional crate.The second option involves mezhkarkasnoe warming.In this case, the role played by special insulation rigid insulation boards.They are inserted tightly in crates cell and fastened to the wall with adhesive, mastic or screws.

considered quite effective home insulation under the siding on the cross frame.This technology is generally considered the most appropriate, but the cost of materials and labor is quite high.The fact that in this case the installation is carried out in several stages.First, the wall mounted crate, whose cells are filled with the selected material.

Second, in the initial mounted another frame (crate), which is also filled with insulation.In this case, successfully eliminated undesirable thermal bridges, which makes this technology most effectively.Feature second frame is that it is mounted perpendicular to the first.That is, if the first crate is positioned horizontally, the latter must be attached vertically.

Thus, for the most high-quality thermal insulation of a wooden house need to stock up on time, patience, attention and, of course, financial resources.They will largely determine what kind of material for insulation you gain which installation technology will give preference.