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August 12, 2017 18:08

Solar panels for your home or autonomous power supply

What are the solar panels for the home?

All, without exception, appliances can feed electricity solar panels for private holiday home - video and audio equipment, as well as kitchen appliances.At the same time, of course, be taken into account issued by the power modules as a kilowatt produced may not be enough to recharge all the devices you use to household needs.Currently there are 3 types of batteries.Monocrystalline modules are composed of a plurality of silicon cells, which capture solar energy.

Thin-film elements are made of a silicon film.Polycrystalline differ in blue, in general, similar to those of single crystals, but have a different shape and are fairly untidy.For camping, there are flexible modules that provide power to major household appliances, at the time of transport, they fold into a tube.Each of these types has its pros and cons.For example, mono- and polycrystalline solar cells are extremely reliable and durable, the difference in price, the first is cheaper.

With low weight and compact dimensions they have one drawback - they only work in the presence of sunlight.But thin-film modules is not so compact, they require a lot of space, and the roof will suit best.But this is the cheapest option, but in the work of such batteries will not affect even a dense overcast, it would be only minimal lighting.However, in such conditions, the power module will fall by 20%, but no more.For smaller needs is available a special compact portable set of solar panels, from which it is possible to charge a mobile phone or power the radio.

Solar panels for houses - purchase and installation of

use diesel generator with year-round in the country would require considerable investments in the fuel and, in fact, the unit maintenance.But the purchase of solar panels may become excessive burden on your budget - they are quite expensive.However, there are several ways to get cheap modules whose efficiency is just as good.Firstly, the acquisition elements due to divert minor defects and damaged during shipment.Second, you can buy a completely broken during transport and assemble modules are completely full.

Each element has positive and negative aspects, the first is usually gray with contacts for solder mounting, the second - black with contact paths svetoulavlivayuschih cells.If the plate is only slightly damaged at the edges, it will not affect her work, only greatly reduce the cost, which, of course, is beneficial for you.These modules collect in serial chain, placing the face of negative side down, and soldered wires mustache one of the contact portions of another (if there are several, the conductor has to cross all).Three of these chains on 6 elements will complete solar panels for questioning.Go to last element conventional solder wires corresponding section, without plate.

're all connect and secure.Again circuit must be connected in series, so that that the middle turn 180 degrees and connect the two wires 4 adjacent contact chains with one hand, and on the other side 4 contacts the middle and the last chain.We need 2 of these blocks, which serve to connect one pair of contacts each.Both batteries of 18 elements are supplied with a diode in series with it, which will prevent battery discharge through the solar cells for the night.For any conductor two free pairs of neighboring blocks solder wire output.

Attach all the best on a sheet of plastic, but you need to select those polymers which do not accumulate static.All put in a low plastic box, closed on top of Plexiglas.

The fight against all solar cells is somewhat more complicated, you need to select the larger pieces and put them together so that the tracks on the negative side is connected, and then fasten the plate with one another (better on the positive side).Then you need to create the missing mandatory connection between tracks, which are also to be connected to the junction plates. is important to remember that the smaller piece of the solar cell, the less current it gives, although stress he will be like a full plate.And if you build a module from pieces of different sizes, the current will be generated at par smaller pieces and large will be working at half strength.To increase the current collecting small pieces in the module, so that contact was at the negative side of the negative and positive y s with the same.

roof of solar panels should be long

average term of service in the photovoltaic solar cells - from 10 to 25 years, with the active use of them.At rest and properly secured conditions, they can be stored almost indefinitely.It is important to protect all of the elements from damage that often arise due to strong wind or hail.It is best to cover the organic glass, it is much stronger than ordinary glass, which can also be broken down by large hailstones.

Also, when installing solar panels should be borne in mind that the thin-film modules, in spite of their low cost, the performance is 25% of the stated figure .That is, a system of 10 kW actually will issue 2.5, and the area takes, neither more nor less than 183 m2.In other words, to obtain a sufficiently powerful modules for uninterruptible power major appliances and lighting facilities, the roof of solar panels should be on each of the outbuildings.

far as it is profitable - you decide.Thus necessarily need an inverter for converting the energy from batteries 220, which are needed for most devices in the home.Also, be sure to need a battery capacity of at least 15,000 mA / h.When purchased, we can only keep the system in perfect order, which means constantly wipe the dust and clean up any debris that is in the slightest degree can affect the performance.