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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mounting foam to the wall - fast and easy

Mounting foam to the wall: the easiest way to

foam covering of walls is done in three basic ways:

  • using dry or wet glue;
  • Using dowels;
  • Using dowels and glue, with further heavy finishing facing materials.

Each of these methods can be used for thermal insulation of a house.Application of topical adhesive for internal insulation of living space.Stronger attachment for such purposes is not required, because the finishing will not have enough weight. Important!The adhesive must not contain parts of solvent which may damage the heating material.

anchors are most frequently used for ceiling work, where the maximum reliability of fastening required.How to attach the foam to the wall with glue and and dowels?This method is considered acceptable for outdoor work when insulation tiles will dismiss or additional layer of plaster.

Bonding material to the walls

Since gluing foam on the walls?This type of installation works can not only warm the living space, but also even out small irregularities of the walls.As a rule, for interior uses a special glue or dry plaster.But before the walls of the foam sheathing with dry mixes, wall surface must be qualitatively prepare what you need for the strongest possible adhesion to the material.

Important!Pasting the walls of the foam means the relative flatness of the rough surface of the wall, because it will affect the finishing room.

most optimal sticky foam on the walls is done by means of polyurethane foam mounting cylinders.Thus the composition can be fixed heating material to any rough surface with maximum speed and quality.It should be noted that this material has all the qualities to be considered the leading in this field.

Using polyurethane mounting

polyurethane composition allows the master to not only carry out installation work with maximum ease and speed, but also save a certain amount of cash.The fact that the cost of such a composition is not very different from the cost of a simple dry mixture for the preparation of which would require the expenditure of additional time and effort.

Important!The use of polyurethane must be accompanied by the use of washing agent, the composition does not dry up in the unused time.

Before you glue the foam to the wall, you need to take care of its alignment.The main disadvantage of this composition lies in the fact that he can not conceal irregularities, as it can be done with a dry adhesive coating thickness.But this flaw is easy to overlook in the total number of positive characteristics.

How to attach the foam to the exterior wall type?In this type of assembly work is also possible to use a polyurethane mixture.This composition perfectly resists temperature changes, that is the most important requirement for outdoor construction work.In addition, work with the adhesive composition does not require special skills and tools, because the balloon is secured in a simple fastening tool, which is available for each master.