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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wet plaster, as a great way of facades heat insulation

advantages of "wet" facade

appeared in Russia about 10 years ago, the technology of applying wet plaster.However, for a short time this method has gained a lot of popularity.We describe the main advantages:

  • Easy to install insulation and plastering.
  • wide variety of textures and colors to create a remarkably beautiful facades with different architectural solutions.
  • large energy savings, reduced financial costs for heating.
  • Estimated lifetime is about 30 years.
  • Significantly increased sound insulation of the walls.
  • The relatively low cost of materials and labor construction work.

Technology wet plaster

essence of the whole procedure is that the outer walls are covered with plaster and insulation, diluted with water.From that the name "wet" or "liquid plaster."As the insulation is most commonly used mineral wool or polystyrene.Mineral wool has a high vapor permeability and flammability.Also, this material does not create an environment conducive to the formation of mold and mildew, the growth of microorganisms.

Most preferably it is mineral plates because they prevent the spread of fire and release of harmful substances.Top covered with polymer or mineral plasters with high vapor permeability.Thus, condensate is effectively removed through the plaster and the house "breathes".Despite the fact that this type of insulation has a higher cost, many experts recommend exactly it.

polystyrene, unlike rockwool has some drawbacks - low water vapor permeability and poor combustibility.Therefore, the device of "wet" plaster vapor content in the wall is higher, and it creates good conditions for higher humidity.During installation, do not use any frame, but the entire burden borne by the heater.That he will not warp, it is attached by means of glue and dowels superstoykogo.Plaster of foam blocks is carried out without any difficulty.

Light and heavy plaster facade insulation systems

house When the device of "wet" facade plaster can be applied thick- (heavy) and a thin layer (easy) method. The main difference from the first second is only in higher cost.Light system is cheaper.They are fixed on the wall thanks to the glue and dowels, and then covered with plaster was about 10 mm thick.Mounted light facades on almost any foundation (brick, concrete, plywood).wherein the insulation itself must have a density greater than 150 kg / m3, since the wall can have all kinds of variations.Heavy

plaster systems, unlike light have separate operation the walls and heat-insulating layer.The only mineral density boards around 100kg / m3 are used as insulation.On the wall mounted special dowels with a hook on which the plate and skewer.Next, they were fixed steel mesh and fasteners.Protective mesh acts as a protection cover of thermal deformation.At the last stage, the plaster walls of the common layer of about 20-30 mm.