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August 12, 2017 18:07

Internal drain : you need for stormwater system?

Device storm drain

Storm drains are external and internal, they remove the water from the flat or pitched roofs. outer drain arranged simply, under the edge of the roof gutter mounted, on which the runoff.Then the water enters the funnel and riser descends by gravity to the issue, which is part of the sewer system - rain or general.

Such livnevki arrange on pitched roofs with a slope of not less than 2 degrees every 5 meters.Chutes and other parts should be strengthened mountings, the system can withstand the weight of wet snow.The diameter of the troughs and risers chosen so that the system was working properly at the time of greatest loss in rainfall for the area.

Internal drain arranged on flat roofs, and risers are inside the building.For its installation, there are certain rules:

  • location along the longitudinal axis of the roof;
  • roof is tilted in the direction of the funnel 1-2 degrees;
  • risers are in a heated room;
  • 1 cm2 pipe collects water from the roof of 0.75 meters;
  • connection funnel and the roof must be sealed.

What types of drains are?

building or construction can not be completed as long as the storm system is not mounted.If the roof does not end with a special chute, it turns unorganized drain.Water dripping from the roof, where she pleases, soaking moisture and damaging everything in its path.

Due to the unpredictability of the streams may be raw facade, flowerbed blurred or damaged track.In a place of constant flow easily occurs mold or fungal damage.

Counterweight chaotic processes Photo - organized by the drain when the entire volume of water trapped on the object sent by a strictly organized way, draining into a common sewer.To refuse such a system is possible only in arid regions - thus it is necessary to take into account the amount of moisture that fell during the year.No complex systems can also do shopping or temporary structures that are away from the main housing.

Types gutters are metal and plastic.In places where a small amount of snow falls, enough plastic.It is relatively inexpensive, can be painted in any color, compounds tightness is achieved using an adhesive or rubber gasket retains its properties at ambient temperature to -40 ° C.

If the winter temperature drops below the area of ​​the mark or heavy snow falls, it is better to use a metal system.Here, the metal coated with a polymer, does not corrode, and the parts themselves are fit indefinitely.

What to look for when choosing a gutter?

Building technologies now offer a huge range of products.How to choose a gutter system?You need to know the approximate level of rainfall and lower temperatures this winter terrain.The capacity of the system must correspond to the amount of fluid flowing.

Rainwater system of circular cross section habitual eye and often made of plastic.It is aesthetically pleasing and reliable, installation of such a system can perform any person.Water drainage system of rectangular section made predominantly from metal, most frequently made of galvanized steel or copper.Weaknesses - holders gutters, here they are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and have a thickness of 4 mm.

to install stormwater system must first calculate the number of pipes and installation to start from the funnel.Previously always drawn drawing is on it will be easier to determine the location of all the beginning of installation.