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August 12, 2017 18:07

Seam roof - assessment of performance and installation

Characteristics standing seam roofing

name "rebated" comes from the method of installation of the coating.The connection elements takes place by means of folds.What are the advantages of this is fraught with the roof?

  • small construction weight to reduce pressure on the roof frame.It also does not require amplification.
  • quality protection against leakage.Since the joints are hidden, difficult to get to moisture.
  • material, which is the basis for the roof, you can choose your own.Metal for standing seam roofing - it's not just steel, it is possible to take and non-ferrous metals such as copper, titanium, aluminum, and others.
  • There are several ways of standing seam roofing installation, including a self-locking manner.
  • It is easy to operate and repair.For example, even if there were holes easily soldered copper.
  • not require additional care for the roof, and it can be operated for decades.
  • roof form does not matter, because the sheets are easy to acquire the desired shape.Even the most complex roof drops angles perfectly covered.

Naturally, rebated kind of roof is not without drawbacks in .Here are some of them:

  • material used when standing seam roofing, requires a lightning rod because it has the property to accumulate static current.
  • often laying process is not so simple, and for the installation of necessary specialists, especially if the roof of the device itself rather difficult.
  • smoothness of the roof becomes a disadvantage in the spring, as the snow falls off easily with it, resulting in an avalanche of subsidence.
  • winter should be carefully cleaned the roof of snow and ice, as careless blows may cause deformities, premature corrosion and can cut the roof.
  • Some basic components, such as copper or zinc-titanium, look more beautiful than galvanized steel, but they are more expensive.

Preparing for installation seam roof

materials that will be required: nails, wire, screws, clamps (it is important that they are of the same material of construction of the roof), a hammer, a mallet, scissors onmetal, measuring instruments.For roll technology used machines.

Given that there are several ways, as can be laid seam roofing, video, shown below, will help to better understand them and choose the best for yourself.

Before faltspokrytiya installation, you must do the preparatory work.What are they?metal fineness requires compliance with the following conditions: the presence of a solid roof or crates.In the case when the roof has many angles crate must be continuous.If you are using self-locking roofing, sheathing is not one of the bars of wood and metal.

distance between bars in the crate should be no more than 25 cm. This roof will not appear dents.To raise the roof on the roof joists are installed.The longer the list, the more lag required.The angle of the roof must be 140 degrees.With a smaller angle crate is solid, so that the snow does not deform the roof.

Installation seam roof - the sequence of work

to become an expert to repair roofs, which use folded roof, installation technology should be studied thoroughly.It consists of two stages.The first - the blank pictures.This process is done on the construction site.Cut a workpiece on the set sizes.Then made the connection markings on the flange adjacent sheets.With the help of a wooden hammer folded edge of the paper up.Here we note the holes for chimneys.

The next phase - installation of the roof itself.Sheets raise the roof, connect them to the flange, and then capping is attached to the crate.One end of the capping is put into the flange, and the other beaten.Openings for chimney tubes and other close aprons of galvanizing.You can visually inspect the installation of standing seam roofs, the video which shows how to make work.The sheets are aligned by means of blows to the projecting pictures of a hammer through a wooden beam.

first sheet exhibiting very carefully, because it will serve as a model for others.At 30 cm, it is shifted from the eaves, and then fastened to the furring.Since the metal is a good conductor of sound, it is possible underneath prostelit sound-absorbing film.