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August 12, 2017 18:07

Fastening the rafters to the ridge or where to start strengthening the roof ?

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Reinforcement rafters - what is it?

Often homeowners are faced with the problem of the rafters sag.This is due to a global savings glut or improper design.If time does not make the strengthening of the rafters, they can break, leading eventually to the costly roof repair.

concept of strengthening the rafters involves complex corrective deflection and strengthening them for future trouble-free operation.It is also necessary to treat the arrival node "feet" to the ridge, which further lift the burden from their middle part.

Strengthening rafters - choose a strategy, preparing for the

There are two ways to strengthen design.The first is to increase the thickness of the boards, and the second - to increase their width.The first variant is only used when it is impossible for some reason to increase the width of the bars, since the same amount of material of construction used, reinforced by the second method exhibit much greater resistance to bending loads.

There are also different ways of fixing the reinforcing bars to the rafters: wire, nails, screws, with the help of threaded rods.The most reliable way to increase the width of the boards, which is what we look at.

For provisioning free the entire working surface of the skin, open rafters attachment points and collect next tool : a set of wrenches, a set of cross-cut head ratchet, drill, screwdriver, cylinder, Bulgarian.Since these works are very responsible and laborious, they can not carry one person.

How to strengthen the rafters - practical advice

first of all pay attention to fixing rafters to the ridge.If they went there, the first efforts of several people, using a jack, stykuya upper ends if necessary.

Then, using strips of perforated metal, plywood, or, in extreme cases, two-centimetric board using screws, strengthen the abutment beams on both sides.If the rafters are joined on the ridge, that are strengthening the connections underneath.

Next, we need to remove the rafters sag.For this we use a hydraulic cylinder.Before starting this work is necessary to cement a place to dock construction mauerlat, for which the beam from the bottom to the rafter (at escalating thickness) or side (building width) fasten the board, which will abut the mauerlatny timber and will not disperse at the feet of the hydraulic cylinder.

For a good stop on the inside of the hydraulic cylinder in the opposite ends of the roof beams in areas of maximum deflection fasten screws homemade triangular wooden supports.

Next, gently working hydraulics, straighten the rafters and fix them in this position, any improvised board thickness not less than 3 cm self-tapping screws.That is, if you look from the side, it turns out that something like a capital letter "A".

How to strengthen the rafters - building up bar

In order to increase the rafters, proceed as follows.First prepare the timber, identical to an existing on dimensions (width may vary slightly).For the convenience of subsequent work we fix it to the existing the beam several screws.

then drilled using a drill through-holes 30-50 cm immediately after two fastened to each other timber.The holes are not arranged on one line, and are in the form of a "snake" to improve bending resistance of the structure.

Then insert the studs into the holes pre-cut to size, on the ends of which are self-locking nuts baits, previously tucked under them washers.Tightening rafters made up of the characteristic crackling wood.To enhance

trusses produce the second method and the same operation in the same manner except that the reinforcing bar must be fixed to the inner timber and the end openings are arranged on one line.

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