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August 12, 2017 18:07

Fasteners for rafters - for a variety of user-friendly construction

rafters and plates for attaching them

truss system are more often in the form of a triangle, but there are other forms.If you want to save space using roof system.Their special structure makes it possible to make an extra room.Fasteners for rafters for combining the elements of the roof system.It includes: a perforated plate and Gvozdeva, corners, slide bearings, rafter-beam mount, support beams etc.

Each type of these devices are manufactured in several sizes, so you can select it by any parameters..It is made from perforated steel sheet thickness of 1.5-3 mm, which are galvanized to protect against corrosion.

plates for fixing rafters contain holes for screws and bolts.With their strong connection obtained via two or more cells at any angle in one plane.They are imposed on the connection on both sides.If necessary, they can be cut according to the desired shape.

Gvozdeva plates have several rows of nails on the same basis.Used in the same way as conventional perforated plate, but with the difference that they require installation in industrial environments.Fixing takes place by pressing with a press.Scoring can not be, because it did not get a reliable connection.

When you need secure attachment?

rafter-and-beam mount connects perpendicular structural elements that rely on each other, it can also serve as a binder for the cross pieces on the underside of the beams.To be safe, make a couple of fasteners asymmetrically, deploy one the other way.

sliding attachment used for the construction of buildings made of timber or logs, if you want to make the sloping rafters.Then the distance between the ridge pole and mauerlat changes due to shrinkage log, so you can not mount the fixed parts. Skolzyachki for rafters allow displacement along the lower edge of rafters to the wall.

supports bearing beams help strengthen horizontal members at right angles to other parts of the structure.For attachment to the main bearing can be used nails, bolts and screws.Support beams are made in different sizes to allow them to pick up a different height and width of the beams.

Hidden bracket beams used for invisible installation.Once installed, it is completely hidden in the body of the beam.At the end of the beam saws vertical section and drilled holes for the pins.This bracket is mounted to the supporting part of the structure, where the metal is selected place in thickness, then it is put on the beam, and the pins inserted.

Fixing and repairing rafters - raise construction erudition

corners for fixing rafters fastened at right angles construction elements.They have holes for screws or nails.They are often connected with the horizontal elements of the uprights.There still

angles with oblong holes, which are suitable for the bolts.Thanks to them, then you can adjust the position of parts relative to one another.In addition, there are still corners with bendable parts and an angle 135ยบ.With their help, you can join parts of structures at different angles.

T-shaped attachment is designed to interconnect two perpendicular elements. brackets trusses are used for fastening of roof parts.

Next Learn what crutch for fixing rafters and what it is used.This element with a funny name is useful for repairing decayed parts rafters.His scoring in the clutch, and then laid him beam.

Fastening the rafters using perforated fasteners provides reliable connection and installation of wooden structures, and significantly accelerates the work process.