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August 12, 2017 18:07

Installation of drainage system - do the calculations themselves and mount

Gutter Installation Instructions - consider

work object These systems include a large number of elements which, depending on the design idea, can both be absent, and take the most unusual forms.The package includes: an overhead chute and deadlock, knee, plums, vertical pipe, noting and wall fasteners.

Each part of the system performs a specific function.Thus, the water flowing down from the roof directly into the gutter with stops overflow, falls into the funnel.It is an essential element for the further transfer of water to the drain system.If necessary, the flow direction can be changed with the help of the knee, a variation of which is considered to be drained.It is mounted on the end of the riser pipe and serves for the withdrawal of water from the system.

Installation involves mounting gutters with special devices.For pipe clamp performs this function, and for gutters - hook with sealant.If necessary, limit the gutter edge of cap applied.With regard to the joints, they may be implemented using connectors or tees.

Installation of drainage system with their own hands - perform calculations

Installing gutters should be performed on the project and using all the necessary tools.The main requirement is that the project - matching the number and size of all the components of the roof system and the size of the volume allocated precipitation.

The first thing to determine how to calculate the gutter system.At the initial stage it is necessary to determine the diameter and the number of the main elements of which depends on the roof area (100 m2 - 1 drain pipe) and its slope, and the need to achieve a uniform distribution of water in the system.You can then be defined with the number of craters and only requires one for each tube.

Chutes are three- and four-meter.Required the number calculated in accordance with the perimeter of the roof, and from the data is the calculation of the need for connectors (1pc. 2 troughs), hooks (1 pc. 60 cm long) and plugs (one for each end of the system).This calculation drainage system, especially its slope depends on the length and number of turns of the system.

Clamps for fixing and knee also require the calculation of their number, which depends, respectively, on the number of pipes and drains of the compounds (1 pc. Each riser), the clamps should be placed from each other at a distance of 180 cm. This calculationdrain almost over.

To drain installation was made with his own hands high quality, you should know what kind of tool you need to use at the same time.Prepare cost roulette, pencil, ruler, screwdriver, hammer, nails, screws, cords, a hacksaw, a file, a device for bending brackets and adhesive sealant.

Gutter Installation - stages of

As suggested installation instructions drainage systems, the assembly process is carried out in stages.First of all, a determination of the future line passing trough twine and installation of hooks with a pitch of 60 cm for securing it horizontally or with a slight slope, in compliance with a distance of 15 cm from the extreme to the roof hook.For this purpose, the bracket should be bent gently so that the rear edge of the gutter front was higher at 2 mm.

next step is carried out preparation of the desired length of the gutter.Cutting should be done with a hacksaw, and trimming edges - file.Its segments are connected by locks, the design of which involves the application of a special composition for sealing joints.The distance from the point of connection to the bracket must be greater than 10 cm.

then assembled by gluing them to plug the interior of the adhesive strip five millimeter thickness.It is necessary to observe a distance of 2.5 cm from the plug to the side of the roof.Following in the areas of the future is finding sinks inset sinks, taking into consideration the estimated distance between the pipes.

And it is with these points and start hanging gutters on brackets, after which his joints must be closed clutches and turns mounted on marks.

after the operation of the funnel down begins installation of drainage system, a video of which you can find at the end of the article.Compound coupling segments is performed, and the fastener through the wall 150 cm - collar, with dowels and screws without glue, with the gap from the wall to drain must be less than 8 cm

tees mounted above method, if necessary..Then glued outlet at a distance of not less than 30 cm from the ground.The lower part of the drain can be cut in the level of the wall for aesthetic design.