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August 12, 2017 18:05

How do okosyachku own hands - the peculiarities of each species , and drawings

This structural element has other names - deck obsada.Okosyachka is a box, assembled from wooden parts, excluding the deformation units (window or door) due to the imminent shrinkage, which is characterized by the construction of any timber, regardless of what the blank used in the construction - a log or lumber.

As a result of this natural process - difficulty opening / closing blades or flaps of loose fit to the frame, and the formation of cracks.For products with detachable lenses and even cracks in the material or a complete failure.

There are 3 components okosyachki - "vershnik" (top), two sidewalls + "threshold" (window sill).But there are some features in its manufacture and to assemble.It depends on the type of windows that are intended to be installed later.

on - 1

will understand with the assembly "under" a wooden frame, and applied to blocks of PVC mention only some of its differences.From the explanatory figures below will become apparent to all the design features of a particular species obsady.

Types okosyachek

By Material

Combined .This is the cheapest and most popular option.For sill taken Typing and glue board, the rest of the boxes - of the whole board.As a rule, used as pine wood.

adhesive .The manufacturing process used billet of stacked boards (glued lamellae) that are held together microspikes landing them as the adhesive.

array .All part - from the solid (solid board) with preservation of the original texture of the material.

In execution

Fine (with sample) .It is usually not done under a window, as for buildings of wood surface treatment is not provided.It is one of their advantages.

Rough (no sampling) .This box is installed in the openings, if you intend to look and feel the walls of any facing material.

By type of windows

  • For wooden frames
  • for PVC products.

Features okosyachki

ustanovka_okna width of the component parts box - no more than 25 mm.Failure to comply with this condition and increase the value of this parameter (for example, "because it is better"), there is no guarantee that any obsady party does not "go" cracked.And what is a longitudinal split of the board do not need to explain to anyone.

Allowable minimum moisture content of wood for boxes - 12%.Using workpiece-dried, further deformation "dry" board under the effect of shrinkage will house internal discontinuities in the structure of the material, hence the subsequent degradation obsady intensive.

For each opening okosyachka made individually, in accordance with its linear parameters.

During installation obsada with the material walls of "hard" is not sealed.When assembling boxes for metal products fasteners (nails, screws, or otherwise) are not used.

The gap between the deck and the wall insulation is laid, but necessarily soft - hemp, mineral wool, lnovatin and the like.Use solid thermal insulation (eg, polystyrene) or zapenivat (after drying this mass hardens) the gap should not be as a result of shrinkage okosyachka itself may be deformed, and thus lost all sense of its installation.

installation diagrams obsady


«Mortgage» bar

In fact - this is a basic diagram, and all others - its variations.

of 2

The "thorn»

difference - in the configuration of one side of the sidewalls.

on - s

The "deck»

Execution - the opposite of the previous version as well as the projection (spike) is located on the end parts of the walls in the doorway.

of - hours


This scheme is somewhat more complicated in execution.

of 5

okosyachki After installation and laying on top of a heater installed casings that are "masked" all the cracks and prevent the ingress of precipitation.

see the difference in the schemes is easy from this figure.

of 6

Obsada for blocks of PVC

big difference there, but there are some recommendations:

  • board for "vershnika" - "sorokovke" no less.
  • beam for the mast - 150 x 100.

on - 7

of - 8

cost okosyachki

It is defined by its views, dimensions and installation diagram (approximate prices in rubles for 1 pcs.).

for opening 1.4 x 0.87 m:

  • in the "mortgage" timber - 4400;
  • in the "deck", "spike" - 5 500.

for opening 1,46 x 1,42:

  • in the "mortgage" timber - 4896;
  • to "spike" - 6120;
  • in the "deck" - 8 585.

in the price list prices of some companies indicate the rate of RUR / rm.Their variation in the range of 1090 to 2680 (in the "deck").

Given the cost of the box 1, with certain skills and knowledge of manufacturing technology, it is better to collect okosyachku own hands.To install a plastic window in a wooden house is described in detail in this article.