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August 12, 2017 18:07

Front cartridges - how to build a new product ?

Cassette facade - what a novelty feature?

High quality coating variability of sizes and mounting combined with repeatability of all parameters of each cassette ensure that the cheapest is not facing widespread use.Such materials are used for both external surfaces, and interior trims.

Practical application shows the ability of this coating to increase the realizable value was repeatedly restored and renovated houses.Indeed, such a cassette facade gets a distinct advantage of its new look compared to the preceding earlier.

geometrical dimensions accuracy allows you to hide all the flaws and irregularities of the old walls.This favorable difference is the ease of installation work carried out.Variants of fastening elements are two: on the basis of self-tapping screws to the frame or clip-suspension cassettes lower belt.All elements of the lining have multi-colored coating of durable, modern polymeric compositions.

Such steel facade cassette is not corroded, do not react to aggressive environmental influences.The variety is resistant to fading color schemes as provided by polymer coatings.This gives a wide scope for the implementation of design solutions.The surfaces of such material do not require additional coatings are easy to repair any damage sites.The downside is the cost of materials, which, however, is compensated by performance properties.

High-tech production allows the manufacture of front cartridges extruded sheet with a thickness of one-half to one and a half millimeters.All processes are carried out in a closed technological cycle on imported equipment with the mandatory quality control of each operation.

possible reconfiguration and release of products according to the specifications requested by the customer size (they can be any).The standard is only the thickness (depth) of the box element, she is twenty-five millimeters.

Installation of front cartridges - fixing options

Facade of the cassette is an integral thoughtful set of components that enables the implementation of a complete cladding all surfaces of the structure.The structure includes a variety of interior and exterior angles, slopes, profiles, crutches, flashings, trims, etc.

This whole elaborate complex used depending on the configuration and architectural features of a particular building, gives a remarkable result in the construction hinged ventilated surfacesthese materials.

Manufacturing offers installation of facade cassettes produce two basic ways, depending on their shape.For items with special bent surface with holes for mounting, apply the so-called method of visible fasteners.

standard way on a special hat profile panels are fastened with screws.This method provides a simple piece repair if necessary.Special vandal-proof fastening method is the use of hidden fasteners.If it is slightly different and the shape of the cartridge.It is better than the previous one for the exterior cladding.

Front cartridges - especially hidden fasteners

Metallokassety facade used for the hidden fasteners are bent outward surface only in the upper part of the panel.The same surface is provided with a special edge for engaging a bottom portion of the element.In this and built a seamless flush mounting.

first row starting at the left corner of the bottom wall of the engagement of the lower part of each element of the special primary rail and strengthening through the holes in the top.The following rows are fixed for the engagement of the bottom edge of the top of the previous row, the top of the wall.The complete set of elements (including all fasoninu) allows any hidden surface layout, including the building corners.

Like any high-quality finish, metal facade cassettes offer ventilated hinged frame structure.Layers, it is a standard set of horizontal mounting profiles installed on the supporting wall using brackets.Between them

laid layer of mineral wool insulation, over which membrane a layer for protection against moisture and wind.This sandwich is fixed poppet dowel.In the L-shaped profile attached hat profile, and have him mounted cassette material.Distance, height matured through the hat profile, provides ventilation of the internal space.